5 Facts You Should Know About Motorcycle Accidents & Injuries

01 Jan
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5 Facts You Should Know About Motorcycle Accidents & Injuries

Have you recently been involved in a motorcycle crash? Well here are 5 facts you should know about motorcycle accidents & injuries. With that, you should consider a personal injury attorney Orlando, FL locals can trust from Injury Assistance Law Firm. We can assist you with building a case and coming up with a solution that best fits you needs due to any personal injuries you may have. Reach out to us today, do not wait!


Reasons to Hire An Attorney After a Motorcycle Crash to Help Your Personal Injury Case


A motorcycle crash can be devastating, and cause you and others personal injury. There are many reasons that can cause an accident which is why hiring a personal injury attorney Orlando, FL to handle your case is in your best interest. There are many facts that need to be reviewed and here are a few of the most common that get draw out in courtrooms.


  1. The likelihood of personal injury is high in most motorcycle crash situations. The percentage rates are around 98% for most motorcycle accidents, 96% for vehicles and 45% for minor to no injury rates.
  2. Half of the injuries are prone to the legs, feet and knees of the riders because of the way they land or are still found on the bike.
  3. Injury severity increases with speed, alcohol involvement, and motorcycle size.
  4. Half of Motorcycle to Vehicle Accidents take place at intersections, when this occurs it is usually because there is a lot going on around you and at the light in front of you. This is why a motorcyclist might not be able to see the vehicle approaching or visa versa.
  5. Wearing a helmet reduces your chances of death. Just because the law says you do not have to wear one, or you think you are too cool to wear one, does not mean you should not wear a helmet. It could and probably will save your life in a case such as this. When involved in personal injury, you want to have all your bases covered as well. One of the first things they are going to ask is if you were wearing a helmet.


Better to Be Safe Than Sorry!


When you hire a personal injury attorney Orlando, FL from Injury Assistance Law Firm, you are getting one of the best. We will help you build your case and make sure you have everything you need before stepping foot into the courtroom. It can be overwhelming when you experience personal injury from a motorcycle crash, which is why hiring someone to help you with the unknown paperwork and to get you through the tough times is crucial. We are here for you, just let us know what we can do to help.   


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If you are searching for the right personal injury attorney Orlando, FL to handle your case, Injury Assistance Law Firm, has the experience you need. Contact us now and let us develop your case and get you the answers you have been waiting for since your motorcycle crash to ensure you get the outcome you deserve because no one should have to suffer from personal injury.


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