Tractor Trailer Accidents


If you have been in a tractor trailer accident then you know how much more difficult it can be to deal with than a car accident. As an auto accident attorney, Injury Assistance Law Firm in Orlando has had ample experience in working with tractor trailer accidents as well as regular car accidents. There are many differences between the two in terms of actual injury and potential impact on your life. If you are interested in learning more about our services or if you have further questions about tractor trailer accidents, feel free to contact us at Injury Assistance Law Firm today.


Have You Been in a Tractor Trailer Accident?


Getting in a tractor trailer accident can be something entirely unexpected. After all, all tractor trailers that are on the road have to abide by a very strict set of rules that make sure that they ensure the safety of all drivers on the road. Even still, this is not often the case. Truck drivers will work long hours and drive even when they are exhausted. They also have very stringent deadlines by which they have to deliver their cargo and sometimes, in an attempt to meet these deadlines, they can race down the roads and put you and all of your passengers in danger. This is only a small number of the things that may be required of the truck driver, so even if they want to practice safe driving conditions, their hiring company may not have the same philosophy.

Many tractor trailers accidents occur when a tractor trailer is switching lanes as car drivers can often go unnoticed by the driver and when the tractor trailer is making a turn. Because these trucks turn so wide have wide turns, they can often endanger the other drivers that are trying to move past them or trying to turn onto the same road. There are safety tips that you can follow that will reduce your likelihood of getting into an accident. That said, there is not much you can do if someone else is distracted or tired on the road.


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When you are in a tractor trailer accident, it is likely that you will incur serious damages and injuries. Handling this alone can leave you in a great deal of debt. That is where we at Injury Assistance Law Firm comes in. We know what it takes to make sure that you are protected from a reckless auto driver.


If you are looking for an auto accident attorney, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you in any way that we can and we specialize in helping those who are in unusual driving accidents.


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