An Attorney in Orlando Has Advice For Cyclist At Fault

07 May
Attorney in Orlando

An Attorney in Orlando Has Advice For Cyclist At Fault

When you are a cyclist on the road or when there are cyclists on the road you’re driving on an attorney in Orlando thinks it’s important to know what to expect if the cyclist is at fault in an accident. The Injury Assistance Law Firm near Orlando has a bicycle accident attorney who wants to make sure you have all of the back knowledge and information available so you can be prepared in case an accident occurs and the cyclist is at fault if you don’t know your rights or what to expect things can quickly get hectic and stressful.


What Happens When the Cyclist is At Fault According to An Attorney in Orlando

It is common knowledge from a bicycle accident attorney to someone driving a car that cyclists are under-represented and are often times overlooked when it comes to road safety. Although this is true and most of the time they are not to blame for accidents that they are involved in there are circumstances where a cyclist, whether it’s you or another person riding the bike, is at fault for the bike wreck. When you find yourself in this situation, it is important to follow a few steps to make sure that the claims and situation are handled correctly and efficiently.

  • Take a lot of pictures: As soon as the accident happens there are going to be a million things running through your head, and that’s normal, but you need to remember to breath, relax, and pull yourself together. Once you give yourself a minute to do that start taking pictures, remember you can never have too many pictures, and it’s always better to have more than to wish you took more. So photograph everything!
  • Cooperate with other: It’s hard not to get frustrated with others that are involved in the crash, but you want to make sure that regardless of whether or not it’s a driver in a car or another person on a bike keep your emotions in check and don’t become too angry and lash out. Cooperation will take you a lot further than outrage and being difficult.
  • Exchange contact information: It is essential to have everyone’s contact information that was involved in the accident. Although you may think that everything is resolved before leaving the scene, it may become important to speak with someone that was involved after the fact, which will be impossible without any of their phone numbers or emails.
  • Report the accident to your bicycle insurance company: Yes, there is such a thing as bicycle insurance and if you are someone who finds a bike regularly on main roads you should definitely look into it! When you have this insurance, it is treated the same as your auto insurance, and whenever an accident or wreck occurs with your bike, it is critical that you report it immediately so they can help cover any damages done.
  • Be mindful when admitting fault: Never admit fault for a complete wreck at the scene. Usually, there are a lot of factors that are involved in determining whose fault an accident was and if you take on the fault for the entire thing at the scene you can be held to that and end up being responsible for more than what you actually caused.


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