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14 Feb
motorcycle accidents orlando

What Causes the Most Deaths in Florida? Look Out for Motorcycle Accidents Orlando Locals

Death is not an easy topic to talk about, but it something that must be discussed on occasion. In Florida, more specifically near Orlando, many deaths are caused by motorcycle accidents. The bicycle accident attorney at Injury Assistance Law Firm is here to inform you about these devastating deaths. Our goal is to make you […]

11 Feb
truck accident lawyer near orlando

A Truck Accident Lawyer Explains Common Injuries in Orlando

You see it all the time while commuting to and from work. This is especially common if I-4 is part of your daily route. We are talking about car accidents. More specifically truck accidents. When it comes to these awful situations, it is often that the individuals involved suffer from many injuries. The truck accident […]

07 Feb
auto accident attorney orlando

An Auto Accident Attorney Orlando Locals Trust Knows How to Determine Fault

You got into a major collision. Was it your fault? Do you know how to determine whose fault it actually was? This will help you further along down the road when it comes to insurance claims. Injury Assistance Law Firm is here to break down exactly how to find out who’s fault the accident is. […]

16 Jan
lane departure warning system near orlando

Lane Departure Warning Systems Help Drivers Avoid Collision

What is the key to boosting the use of lane departure prevention systems? Our answer is guiding drivers to stay in their lanes with slight nudges of the steering where, accompanied by subtle braking the moment the tires begin to drift immediately, versus later. Also, more abrupt interventions. Injury Assistance Law Firm is here to […]

14 Jan
bicycle helmet near orlando

Bicycle Helmet Laws

Are you the proud owner of a bike? Do you wear a bicycle helmet every time you take your bike out on the road? Are you aware that Florida has laws with it comes to your safety? These are helmet laws. The state of Florida has strict laws when it comes to helmets.  The professionals […]

08 Jan
truck crashes near orlando

Truck Crashes and Fatality Facts

A constant worry of many drivers around the world is that they could be involved in a car accident at any time. With new safety regulations in place, vehicles and roadways are being made safer every year. The one constant inevitability is that accidents happen.  Many of these accidents involve big rigs and box trucks, […]

07 Jan
impaired driving near orlando

Impaired Driving Cause Of Crash Rise

One of the biggest (non-political) debates happening in the country right now centers around the legalization and regulation of recreational marijuana. There are so many variants regarding the use of marijuana; it is hard to truly regulate its use. Although the use and possession of marijuana are now legal in some states, it is illegal […]