Auto Accident Lawyer Explains Possible Dangers of Driving in Flip Flops

18 Feb
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Auto Accident Lawyer Explains Possible Dangers of Driving in Flip Flops

Driving in the summertime or near Orlando means warm weather all the time. When it’s nice outside, you get to drive with your windows down, but it also means you’re probably driving in flip flops. According to an auto accident lawyer wearing these while driving can create dangerous conditions and can even lead to accidents. If you’ve been in an accident while driving with flip flops and are unsure if this will play a part in your claim and case it’s important to speak with the Orlando personal injury lawyer about your situation and to see what they can do to help you with your situation. The Injury Assistance Law Firm is a group of experts that can sit with you to go over the scenario and help you navigate the steps you need to take.


Advice On Driving In Flip Flops From An Auto Accident Lawyer

Although it’s not illegal to drive in flip flops, which is a good thing because otherwise a lot of people would be breaking the law, it does pose a potential danger and threat when driving. Hands and feet are the most vulnerable body parts when you are involved in an accident. Deglove injuries are the most common and most painful in regards to your hands and feet, which means when you’re not properly dressed. These injuries can become even more critical and painful.


Two different types of degloving injuries can occur in a vehicle accident. The first is an open degloving injury. This happens when the skin and tissue are removed, and muscle, tissue, and bone are left exposed. These types of injuries happen most often in traffic accidents. Legs, feet, and hands are the most common body parts for these injuries to happen, which means if closed toe shoes don’t adequately cover your feet it is easier for these to occur. The second main type of degloving injury is closed degloving injuries. Most of the time these injuries are invisible to the victims. The only thing you may notice is some slight bruising. The reason you may not be able to see the injuries is that they involve the separation of deep layers of skin and tissue. The result of these injuries is a number of spaces under the skin that can begin to fill fluid, blood, and scar tissue. Although these injuries are less common in the feet, it is still possible for them to occur especially without proper coverage and protection.


While proper attire is essential for all motorists if you’re riding a motorcycle, it becomes even more critical that you are dressed appropriately before going for a ride. This is because your whole body is exposed. There is no heavy equipment protecting your body from impact if something happens your body is coming in direct contact with the road. Proper foot attire is probably the most important thing to consider when getting on a motorcycle. This is because your feet are not only your first line of defense in case something goes wrong or even at a red light. On top of this, the hot pipes of your motorcycle are completely exposed and right next to your feet, which can lead to harsh burns.


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