Cycling With Earbuds – Avoid A Bicycle Accident

17 Sep
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Cycling With Earbuds – Avoid A Bicycle Accident

It’s a beautiful day outside. You want to enjoy the steady breeze that you hear from the trees. What a perfect time to take your bike out down the trail. All you need is the ideal soundtrack to create the ideal experience. You grab your earbuds and head out the door. Big mistake. Riding with earbuds actually can case a bicycle accident. Here at Injury Assistance Law Firm, we are here to help you understand the dangers of riding with earbuds. Our bicycle accident attorney, located at our Orlando branch, is here to show you the way.


What is a Bicycle Accident Attorney?

That phrase may sound silly to some; however, it is not silly when you become the victim of an accident when you were merely out riding your bike. Dealing with these types of crashes are never easy, and if you ever experienced one, you are already aware of the road rashes, changing bandages, bicycle repairs, time away from your bike, and wondering if insurance will even cover it. Nobody should have to deal with this is alone, because it is a big deal. We are here to help.


How Earbuds Cause a Bicycle Accident

Did you know riding a bike with earbuds in your ears is illegal? Crazy enough, it is. There’s a logical reason for it. It puts you and others in danger. Here’s why.


When you ride a bike and have music playing in your head, your brain is absorbing all the vast amounts of sensory data non-stop at an alarming rate. What is to happen when a car is right beside you, and you don’t realize because your music is too loud? You can drive right into the vehicle. When you ride a bike, you usually look out for potholes, broken glass, or other objects that can affect your riding. To do this, your brain needs to be focus 110% of the time. You also need to be aware of 360 degrees around your vessel. When you wear the earbuds, you diminish this immensely. Even though it seems that the music is only taking a minuscule amount of attention, it isn’t. It is taking a lot. You do not hear your surroundings; therefore you are less aware. Your global sensory perception is degraded.


Another reason why wearing earbuds is dangerous is also obvious. While they distract you physically to what is around you, they also affect you mentally. You can just be listening to your favorite podcast, minding your own business, but it is still dangerous. Your mind is somewhere else instead of on the road. Just like when you talk on the speaker phone while driving is as dangerous as talking on the phone when you hold it to your ear.


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