Are Bicycle Lights at Night Required by Law?

23 Apr
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Are Bicycle Lights at Night Required by Law?

Many bike riders know that your bicycle headlight is more than just a decoration on your bicycle. However, Injury Assistance Law Firm in Orlando knows that accidents may still happen. We know that cars may still have a hard time seeing other vehicles on the road and you may be a victim of an accident with a driver that was not as attentive. If you are interested in learning more about our services as a bicycle accident attorney or you would like to get more information about bicycle law in Florida, contact us at Injury Assistance Law Firm today.


What are the Bicycle Headlight Laws in Florida?


In Florida, bicycles are considered vehicles in the same way that cars are considered vehicles. This means that they must follow the same set of laws and regulations that are set out for cars. What this ultimately equates to is that any person riding their bicycle at night must make sure that they are using lights since the same is required of any person driving a car. In the same way, that car’s headlights must be turned on in adverse conditions—such as nighttime—so too must your bicycle headlight be turned on.

Because of the advancements in technology, it is not as difficult for bicycle riders now to acquire the proper lighting for their bicycles. This makes it easier for them to make sure they are equipped to ride at nighttime. This light is also for their safety as it could be far more difficult to spot a bicycle rider at night than it would be during the day.

Even with all their safety precautions in place, some riders are still going to be hit by a car and get into an accident. As long as the rider was using their lights properly, they should be able to file a case against the car that hit them for their injuries and damages.


Do You Need a Bicycle Accident Attorney?


If you are facing a case against a party responsible for hitting you on your bike, the best help you can find is someone who knows these types of cases and can give you an experienced perspective you would not be able to find elsewhere. That is what a bicycle accident attorney can do for you. With their expertise, you can pursue a case against the driver that hit you.

Injury Assistance Law Firm can be this resource for you. We are a bicycle accident attorney with ample experience dealing with bicycle headlight laws. If you have been in a bicycle accident, contact us at Injury Assistance Law Firm today.


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Injury Assistance Law Firm is an attorney located in Orlando. We have dealt with bicycle accidents before and we know how difficult it can be for bicyclists out on the road. We are prepared to help you in any way that we can to assist you in your bicycle accident case. Contact us today to learn more.

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