Bike Helmet Safety Claims: Are They Safe Enough?

22 Nov
bike helmet safety near Orlando

Bike Helmet Safety Claims: Are They Safe Enough?

Did you know that Florida is home to one of the top counties for fatal bike accidents across the country? Every year we hear tragic stories of bikers who have died as a result of a drivers’ careless distractions, neglect, speed, or recklessness. When bicyclists are hit, they face more serious injuries. Without the protective chassis of a car, bikers are more likely to suffer serious head injuries. Sadly, in car accidents involving bicyclists, drivers are more likely to walk away, while bikers are more likely to face life-altering injuries. Our bicycle accident attorney can assist bikers who have been hit or injured. We are Injury Assistance Law Firm, and we specialize in bike helmet safety near Orlando.


Protect Your Skull

A concussion occurs when your brain hits the side of your skull. You don’t have to show any visible signs of injury in order to be suffering from a concussion. Nausea, blurred vision, headaches, and memory loss are all effects of concussions. Unfortunately, many bikers may not even report mild concussions or go to see a doctor. They may simply be unaware that they have been injured. Despite this, the effects of even a mild concussion can be debilitating: sleep problems, memory difficulty, depression, headaches, and vision problems are just some of the challenges even mild concussion victims face.


We Are Here With Bike Helmet Safety

Did you know helmets work by absorbing some of the impact forces applied to a person’s skull? According to some research estimates, the skull can take forces up to 5,000 G-forces before it buckles. That said, these numbers don’t factor in minor injuries, which can take place under lower G-force thresholds.


When it comes to handling personal injury claims, the Injury Assistance Law Firm has the experience to help our clients. We are dedicated and passionate about helping our clients, and we won’t be satisfied with anything less than the best for you. Your recovery is our biggest concern, and we want you to receive the highest amount of compensation possible.


About Us

We at Injury Assistance Law Firm have helped our clients receive financial compensation for their injuries for years now. We understand that insurance companies aren’t looking out for you, they’re looking out for their pockets. That is why we prioritize your needs, and this shows with our no win, no fee mentality. Our goal is to make sure that every victim of personal injury receives the compensation they’re entitled to, which is why our clients trust us to handle their personal injury claims.


Call Our Bicycle Accident Attorney

Find out all you need to know about bike helmet safety. The last thing you want is to be part of an accident and not know what to do. Let us help. We know all about personal injury claims. At The Injury Assistance Law Firm, our personal injury lawyer is here to ensure you are updated when it comes to what you need to do in a car accident. Call our bicycle accident attorney for more information. Our auto accident attorney is located near Orlando.

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