Are Bike Lanes to Blame for Accidents?

24 Jul
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Are Bike Lanes to Blame for Accidents?

Who knew switching lanes could be a crime? It can be if you are not cautious about it. This is why Injury Assistance Law Firm is here to make sure that when it comes to switching bike lanes, you know how to avoid car accidents. Our bicycle accident attorney is located near Orlando. 


Let’s Get To The Facts

Who knows that something as innocent as switching lanes while riding a bike could be dangerous. This true when the cyclist is not being mindful of the road around him. Did you know that Tampa was one of the most dangerous places to cycle in the United States? This information came from the Nation Highway Safety Administration. They showed that the number of fatalities from bicycle accidents increased by more than 30 percent from 2010 to 2016. Florida’s bicycle accident fatality rate was more than 50 percent higher than the second most deadly state. 


Types Of Injuries From Switching Bike Lanes

Here are some of the most common injuries that a cyclist might experience from an accident:

  • Fractures and broken bones
  • Head injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, especially in victims who weren’t wearing a bicycle helmet at the time of the accident
  • Neck injuries
  • Back and spinal cord injuries, including cracked vertebrae and injuries that might cause temporary or permanent paralysis
  • Loss of limbs
  • Deep lacerations as well as other scrapes and cuts from road rash if a cyclist is thrown from their bike
  • Joint dislocations


Top Common Bike Accidents

Many situations might give rise to a bicycle crash, but dangerous bike paths often lead to the same few types of accidents.

  • Left hook crash. This is the most common type of bike accident in Florida and across the United States. A left hook crash occurs when a driver makes a left at an intersection in front of a cyclist traveling in the opposite direction. The driver might turn into the cyclist if he or she is distracted and doesn’t see the cyclist or the cyclist might not be able to stop quickly enough to avoid striking the passenger side of the vehicle.
  • Right hook crash. This bike accident happens when a driver turns right and hits a cyclist who is riding in the lane or the shoulder next to the vehicle. These are especially common on busy city streets where bike paths are marked between traffic lanes.
  • Intersection crash. When distracted drivers make a right turn at an intersection and don’t see the bicyclist crossing the intersection from the opposite direction.


Call Our Bicycle Accident Attorney Today

Be careful when you are switching bike lanes. The last thing you want is to be part of an accident. Let us help. We know all about common bike accidents. At The Injury Assistance Law Firm, our personal injury lawyer is here to ensure you are updated when it comes what you need to do in a car accident. We are the best bicycle accident attorney near Orlando! Call us today for more information.


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