May is Bicycle Month! Stay Safe Cyclists

01 May
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May is Bicycle Month! Stay Safe Cyclists

Bicyclists know firsthand that the most important thing that you can do for yourself when you are preparing to ride is to consider bike safety. Injury Assistance Law Firm in Orlando has seen too many bicycle accidents occur as a result of lack of bike safety. We know the kind of tragedy that can follow a rider that was not following the proper procedures to stay safe out on the road. As an Orlando personal injury lawyer, we care primarily about people and it is for that reason that we are encouraging increased attention to bike safety this upcoming Bicycle Month. If you would like to learn about our services or if you have been in a bike accident, contact us at Injury Assistance Law Firm today.


Bike Safety Tips


There are many bike accidents that occur as a result of not following simple bicycle safety rules. These tips and rules are in place to keep people safe when they are out sharing the road with drivers or out in paths with pedestrians.

  •       Utilize the Bike Lane: When a road is clear and there is not much traffic, bicycle riders may feel confident enough to ride in the middle of the road. This, however, can be seriously dangerous. Cars have the right of way outside of the bike lane and you have to be careful not to place yourself in a position where they have any right to claim that an accident is your fault.


  •       Use Your Lights at Night: Bicycles are considered vehicles according to Florida legislature, which means that riders must use lights when riding at night just as cars must use their headlights when driving at night.


  •       Remember Your Helmet: If you get into an accident with a car or a pedestrian and you do not have a helmet on, an insurance adjuster or a court could claim that any injuries that you suffered or any brain damage that you incurred, was a result of you not wearing a helmet.


Do You Need an Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer?


Even if you try to stay safe when you are out riding, accidents can still happen. Sometimes, a driver will be distracted or make a careless move or a pedestrian will get in the way at the last possible minute. When this happens, you are not at fault and you deserve to have assistance in defending your case. That is where we at Injury Assistance Law Firm can come in. We know how to represent bicycle riders in court and we can ensure that you have someone at your side who has expertise and experience. To learn more about our services, contact us today.


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Injury Assistance Law Firm is an Orlando personal injury lawyer. We have dealt with many bicycle cases in the past and, while we strive to provide bicycle safety to prevent future accidents, we know that you can try your best and still be the victim or someone else’s recklessness. If this applies to you, contact us today.

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