Been In a Car Accident? Are The Weather Conditions at Fault?

24 Dec
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Been In a Car Accident? Are The Weather Conditions at Fault?

Florida weather can be unpredictable. Beautiful sunshine one minute and a torrential downpour the next. The frequent severe thunderstorms cause many automobile crashes in Orlando. Drivers may be under the impression that if a car accident occurs during inclement weather. it was unavoidable due to the poor driving conditions. If you were injured in an accident during a storm, an auto accident attorney at Injury Assistance Law Firm could help you get compensation.   


Determining Fault in a Weather-Related Accident


No matter the weather conditions, drivers are always expected to act responsibly. If driving conditions are dangerous, then drivers are expected to take extra precautions to avoid an accident. If a crash was caused during poor weather, a driver might not have taken all necessary precautions to prevent the collision.


Road conditions will be taken into consideration when determining fault in a vehicle crash, but so still the actions of both drivers. For example, there are some circumstances where a driver would be expected to drive under the speed limit. A driver can be ticketed for driving too fast for conditions, even if they are driving the posted speed limit. Other expectations could be that drivers take turns at a slower rate than usual. In extreme circumstances, drivers may be expected to pull over and turn their hazards on if their visibility is impaired.


Just because weather was poor does not mean no one is to blame. If a driver loses control over a vehicle, they are almost always found at fault for the accident. This includes if a driver accidentally hydroplanes and hits another car. It would have been expected that driver take all necessary steps to avoid hydroplaning in the first place.


However, if an accident involves two drivers who both lost control and hit each other, it is possible for police officers to find both parties at fault. If this happens, each driver takes responsibility for themselves.


A Car Accident Attorney Can Help


An auto accident attorney would benefit you if you were involved in a crash during bad weather. If you were not the driver who lost control – you did not cause the accident. The other driver should be liable for any damages or injured you incurred.  


It is essential to protect your legal rights after a weather-related accident. The other party’s insurance company may try to place blame on you or attempt to claim both parties were mutually at fault. It can be difficult to negotiate and they will try to use whatever you say against you. If you admit that the roads were dangerous, that may be enough for them to deny your claim for compensation. An experienced auto accident attorney will prevent you from being taken advantage of.


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