A Car Accident Lawyer Warns People About Highway Patrol Staffing Shortages

06 May
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A Car Accident Lawyer Warns People About Highway Patrol Staffing Shortages

Worker shortages are a hard thing to handle in any industry, but it’s even harder to deal with it when it’s affecting highway patrol according to a car accident lawyer. These shortages have started affecting motorists near Orlando, and the auto accident attorney at the Injury Assistance Law Firm believe that things could just be getting worse. That is why they want you to be aware of the risks that you may be facing as you drive on the local highways.


A Car Accident Lawyer Warning!

The impact and effects of labor shortages have a way of reaching far beyond their industry. Not only are private and public businesses impacted, but places like farmlands and technological super companies can feel the repercussions. For an auto accident attorney, the primary concern is for the safety of motorist on the road and the people in their cars.


The shortage of highway patrol officers has become especially apparent in Florida. A recent study showed that almost a thousand new residents are arriving in the state each day. Most people assume that because of this growth the state’s essential agencies, like police officers, are growing as well in order to keep up with the population. However, this isn’t the case. According to recent information, the Florida Highway Patrol is struggling to keep up with the growing community and demand for more troopers. Also, the patrol is losing state troopers at the same time, which means they are falling further and further behind in demand. This information is extremely alarming for the residents of the state because with this shortage comes a lot of public safety concerns.

  • There are fewer resources for proactive efforts.
  • Reductions in speeding tickets, which means more drivers will be speeding because there are fewer chances of them getting caught. This can result in more car accidents.
  • There will be slower response times to incidents like hit and runs or collisions.
  • Longer working hours for troopers, which can result in them becoming less effective.

The Florida Highway Patrol has reported that they are down nearly two hundred troopers across the state. Of course, this isn’t evenly distributed either, so some regions of the state are down significantly while others are only down a few troopers. There are a number of reasons and concerns for these shortages, and this problem isn’t something that is new to the Florida Highway Patrol. For instance, troopers have complained of low pay, dangerous work conditions, and unusual schedules. The highway patrol has made an effort to correct some of these problems throughout the years. For instance, they did make an effort to raise wages in order to come out of their spot as the lowest paid agency in the country, but because of inflation, the Florida Highway Patrol has lost over one thousand troopers since 2010 to high-paying agencies.


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