6 Mistakes People Make, a Car Accident Lawyer POV

17 Jun
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6 Mistakes People Make, a Car Accident Lawyer POV

Most people living in Florida can probably say that they have been a victim in a car accident at one point of their life. It is more common than you think. However, during that accident, do you think you handled everything well? Here at Injury Assistance Law Firm, we want to make sure that you have all the information you need when it comes to common mistakes people make and how to avoid them. Our car accident lawyer is here to help and make sure you are ready in case this unfortunate situation ever happens again. You can count on our Auto Accident Attorney. 


Common Mistakes To Avoid

  • Not calling the police after the accident
    • It is very important that the accident is documented and, in the event that you are not at fault for the accident, that the officer confirms that determination. This goes a LONG way with the insurance companies and will help you in your dealings with them. You would be surprised how often a person will hit someone, persuade the victim not to call the police, then later change their story to make the accident sound like the victim’s fault.
  • Forgetting to take pictures of the scene
    • Take as many pictures as you can from various viewpoints. Take pictures of the light, the intersection, the stop signs, the road markings, skid marks, any possible obstructions to the driver’s view, and anything else that may be relevant to the crash. ‘Don’t assume that the police will do this – because they won’t.
  • Taking time to get medical treatment    
    • Many people tell themselves after they get hurt, “It’ll be fine in a few days…be tough, walk it off.” But, don’t do this after an accident! Insurance companies will use any delay in treatment against you to devalue your claim. Another concern people have is that it will cost too much to go to the hospital, or, your insurance rates will go up if you get medical treatment. Your PIP insurance covers 80% of your medical bills up to $ 10,000, and it is illegal for your insurance company to raise your rate for making a PIP claim.
  • Not using your car insurance for medical insurance
    • Any injuries that you suffer in an auto accident should be paid under your auto insurance PIP benefits. You can also give your health insurance information to pay for any deductible or co-pays, but auto insurance coverage is primary after an accident, and it should be used.
  • Not reviewing the police report
    • Many times officers make small, and sometimes big, mistakes on their reports that can hurt your claim with the insurance companies later. Officers are human, and they write hundreds of these reports each year – it happens. But, get these mistakes fixed as soon as possible.
  • Giving a recorded statement to the other ‘driver’s insurance company
    • This is not the worst thing in the world to do. If you have nothing to hide, then there should be no issues. Simply tell the truth. Problems arise when people give a statement and they either bend the truth, exaggerate, or even flat-out lie. 


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