Car Accident Lawyers Orlando Locals Trust Want You To Set an Example

10 Jan
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Car Accident Lawyers Orlando Locals Trust Want You To Set an Example

Summer vacation is, for many children and high school teenagers, the most exciting part of the year. Unfortunately, for many 16-to-18-year-old teenagers, it’s also the most deadly time of year. This is because they’re fresh on the road, and we at Injury Assistance Law Firm near Orlando have seen far too many fatal car accidents claim the lives of young people. The truth is that our children often pick up habits from us as we drive, and while many of us parents would love to think we’re perfect drivers, we may have some bad habits that would put our kids at risk. Summer may be a while away, but spring break is on the horizon, so let’s talk about ways that we can do better at setting a good example for our teen drivers. If you or your child ends up in a car accident, then you’ll want to seek the help of the car accident lawyers Orlando locals trust most to help with their claims. An Orlando personal injury attorney can help ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.


Bad Driving Habits to Break in Front of Our Kids

When we perform bad habits behind the wheel, what we’re doing is silently telling our children that this is acceptable behavior on the road. It’s important for us, the parents of teenagers, to reflect on our own driving skills and be honest about any bad habits we need to break. Here are some examples:

  • Not using turn signals
    • Turn signals exist to inform other drivers on the road of your intentions. That way if you need to slow down for a turn, other drivers know where you’re going and can use that knowledge appropriately. Many of us skip out on turn signals which can lead to a crash that could’ve been avoided.
  • Blocking intersections
    • When you’re waiting to make a left turn, but oncoming traffic is full and busy, many of us will creep into the intersection to sneak in our turns just as the light goes red. This can be dangerous as it puts you right in the middle of busy traffic.
  • Eating and driving
    • It seems innocuous, but when you’re reaching for a bag of fries or chips, you’re taking your hand off the wheel and your focus off the road. If a sudden occurrence happens on the road, you’ll be a lot less prepared to handle these road bumps.
  • Texting or making phone calls while driving
    • Studies show that 91% of parents use their phones while behind the wheel. This is one of the easiest ways to take your focus off the road and has proven to be extremely lethal among teens. If your phone is too distracting for you, put it on silent and away in your glove box so you can’t be distracted by it. Because of how vital texting has become for socializing, it’s extremely important that parents make sure their kids understand that driving is more important and that messages can be addressed once you’ve arrived at your destination. If it’s an emergency, then find a place to pull off the road to make your call. It only takes a few moments to pull into a gas station parking lot.
  • Drinking and driving
    • Drinking and driving is never okay for anyone under any circumstances, but many parents might still get behind the wheel after a single beer, or other drinks that won’t be enough to inebriate them. Whether or not you’ve had enough alcohol to exceed the legal limit, you should still avoid driving after any kind of alcoholic drink to make an example for your teens. The truth is that many teens will inevitably try drinking early. The best thing you can do is make your kids feel safe contacting you if they get drunk rather than feel scared of being punished to the point where they make the mistake of driving.


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