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21 May
car and bicycle accident Orlando

We Help Families of Killed Cyclists | Call Us Today

Unfortunately, sometimes tragedy strikes in even the most unexpected places. As a personal injury attorney Orlando trusts, Injury Assistance Law Firm has seen too many people become a victim of a car and bicycle accident. While these accidents can be mild on certain occasions, they can also be deadly for the bike rider. When this happens, not just one person but an entire family is hurt. If you would like assistance with your loved one’s death as a result of a bicycle accident, contact us today.


When a Car and Bicycle Accident Turns Deadly


In many parts of Florida, bikes have to share the road with cars. This means that those who choose to operate cars must make sure that they are careful of those who are riding the bicycles. In fact, Florida considers bicycles as vehicles and therefore must follow the same rules that cars do on the road with regards to safety. However, many accidents still occur because of impatient or distracted driving.

By not giving the proper regards to the bicycle riders on the road, the car drivers place themselves in a position where they can really cause injury and death to those riding their bikes. Frequently, this is what happens. Cars who do not have the proper respect for the bicycle lane drive into a bicycle rider and cause them to lose their lives.

At that point, it is time to hold the driver responsible. The rules of the road are not just in place to protect drivers but all those who utilize the road. As a bicycle rider, your family member had the same rights to the road as the car driver and therefore deserves to have justice for their death.


Do You Need an Attorney?


Handling a loved one’s death under any circumstances can be difficult. Many times, there are additional expenses that you did not expect. Sometimes, the loss of a spouse means a loss of income in a household. It can also mean expenses that you may not even think of that are related to their death such as therapy costs. You must also factor in the pain and suffering that you had to handle as a result of their death. There are so many factors to consider in addition to having to deal with the actual death of the loved one. That is why an attorney can be such a helpful resource.

Thankfully, Injury Assistance Law Firm is the personal injury attorney Orlando residents trust and we have the tools to help you build a case against the person responsible for your loved one’s death. If you would like to learn more about our services, contact us today.


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Injury Assistance Law Firm can help you deal with your car and bicycle accident. We know how difficult it can be to deal with the death of a loved one and we have the tools to help you through the pain and get the compensation that you deserve. As the best personal injury attorney Orlando has to offer, we have what it takes to give you the assistance you need. Contact us to learn more.


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