The Top 3 Causes of Auto Accidents

20 Feb
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The Top 3 Causes of Auto Accidents

Were you involved in a car crash, possibly due to one of the top causes listed below? If you were in a car crash Orlando attorneys Injury Assistance Law Firm are prepared to help you handle the responsible party as best as they can. They can review your case and help you find a solution to better your outcome.


Top Causes of a Car Crash Orlando Attorneys Can Help You With


Distracted Driving:


When drivers become distracted while driving, they sometimes do things they wouldn’t if they would have been giving their full attention to the road. Some of the major things that cause distractions in this category are things like running red lights, running a stop sign, disobeying the speed limit, texting or changing the music, or answering a phone call. Many drivers do not even realize they are doing these things and find themselves doing them out of habit or boredom until they get into an accident because of it.




When the weather is poor and the road is slippery, drivers will sometimes act out and do things they normally wouldn’t. They may drive faster or slower depending on where they are trying to go or what they need to do. Some of the main causes of this type of weather dependent driving are snowfall, heavy rain, or foggy mist early in the morning or late at night.


Car Malfunctions:


A lot of the time when a driver feels like they are going the wrong way or something is not quite right with their car, they will want to pull over on the side of the road no matter where they are. In other circumstances, such as a tire blowout, it can cause other cars around you to run off the road due to your mishap. Drivers sometimes do not realize that their decisions on the road can cause harm to other drivers. When you decide to make a last minute improper turn, or drive quickly around a dangerous curve, it can affect other drivers around you. There are many reasons why tailgating can be harmful for multiple cars on the road and how it can change the way you drive after it causes a car crash Orlando residents cannot come back from.


Do You Need An Orlando Car Accident Lawyer Locals Trust?


If any of these reasons of car accidents have come in between you and the way you drive, reach out to Injury Assistance Law Firm to speak with an Orlando car accident lawyer to further understand your case. It is important to get the help you need and involve those who can find the answers you need. When you involve a lawyer, we can use your evidence to build a case, find a solution and make sure you get the results you are hoping to find.


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