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24 Jul
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Are Bike Lanes to Blame for Accidents?

Who knew switching lanes could be a crime? It can be if you are not cautious about it. This is why Injury Assistance Law Firm is here to make sure that when it comes to switching bike lanes, you know how to avoid car accidents. Our bicycle accident attorney is located near Orlando.    Let’s […]

04 Apr
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Warning Signs When Choosing Bicycle Lawyers in Orlando FL

When it comes to a bicycle accident, many individuals often turn to bicycle lawyers to help solve their claims. However, some of these lawyers may not have your best interest at heart. At Injury Assistance Law Firm we hope you do your research before choosing a bicycle accident attorney. Don’t settle for an attorney that […]

14 Mar
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Orlando Bicycle Accident Attorney Details How to Handle Insurance Company

Do you often commute by bike or find yourself occasionally riding for leisure? If so, it is very important to become familiar with bicycle laws. Our Orlando bicycle accident attorney has all the information you need to become aware of. We are Injury Assistance Law Firm. Our goal is to make sure you are protected […]

14 Feb
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What Causes the Most Deaths in Florida? Look Out for Motorcycle Accidents Orlando Locals

Death is not an easy topic to talk about, but it something that must be discussed on occasion. In Florida, more specifically near Orlando, many deaths are caused by motorcycle accidents. The bicycle accident attorney at Injury Assistance Law Firm is here to inform you about these devastating deaths. Our goal is to make you […]

14 Jan
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Bicycle Helmet Laws

Are you the proud owner of a bike? Do you wear a bicycle helmet every time you take your bike out on the road? Are you aware that Florida has laws with it comes to your safety? These are helmet laws. The state of Florida has strict laws when it comes to helmets.  The professionals […]