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01 Oct

Are You Using the Bike Lane? Find an Injury Attorney Near Me!

Unfortunately, bicycle accidents are an all too common occurrence today on the roadways of America. When a car or truck crashes into a bicycle, the injuries which are incurred are often severe or life-threatening. With more and more people traveling by bicycle, America continues to make changes in order to make bicycling a safer hobby […]

24 Sep
Florida bicycle laws near Orlando

Florida Bicycle Laws You Should Know About

In the state of  Florida, the bicycle is defined legally as a vehicle, and the bicyclist is considered a driver. Through this definition, bicyclists then have all the same rights to the roadways as any other vehicles, and thus must obey the same traffic laws as the drivers of other types of vehicles. These laws […]

21 Aug
bicycling safety near Orlando

Bicycling Safety for People Over Age 65

Who says you are too old to ride a bike? Here at Injury Assistance Law Firm, our team wants to make sure that you have all the information you need when it comes to bicycling safety. We are a bicycle accident attorney who cares. We are located near Orlando.    The Risks For Bicycling Over […]

24 Jul
bike lanes near Orlando

Are Bike Lanes to Blame for Accidents?

Who knew switching lanes could be a crime? It can be if you are not cautious about it. This is why Injury Assistance Law Firm is here to make sure that when it comes to switching bike lanes, you know how to avoid car accidents. Our bicycle accident attorney is located near Orlando.    Let’s […]