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01 Oct
at fault accident near orlando

Determining Fault After An Accident

Accidents are just that. They are accidental. This is why determining who is at fault can be tricky. Do not fret, our professionals at Injury Assistance Law Firm, are here to help you understand who is at fault if you ever find yourself caught in the unfortunate situation of a car accident. An at fault […]

13 Sep
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Orlando’s Best Car Accident Lawyer Advises Injured Passengers

You are on your way home, carpooling,  from a long day at work and are unlucky enough to get involved in a car accident. What happens if you’re injured? What do you do in regards to insurance companies? How do you file injury claims? Luckily, you have us at Injury Assistance Law Firm on your […]

03 Sep
self driving car crashes in orlando

Self Driving Car Crashes – Who’s Liable in Florida?

The future is upon us. We have seen in movies decades ago, cars driving themselves. The films showed us what the technology of the future would bring us. Who knew this idea would finally become a reality. This new concept of self-driving cars isn’t yet perfected, though. These self-driving cars still have something very common […]

15 Aug
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Do Hands-Free Devices Promote Driving Safety?

Nowadays it is more common to see cars equipped with hands-free devices. Whether that be Bluetooth or a GPS, more and more drivers and getting used to the idea of driving without actually have to touch your phone. But is this concept safer? We are here to clear the air. At Injury Assistance Law Firm […]

03 Jul
reckless driving in orlando

How Our Multitasking Lifestyles Can Lead to Reckless Driving

Multitasking is all too common in our society. More often than not, Injury Assistance Law Firm in Orlando sees how multitasking can lead to reckless driving. Being a victim of a reckless driver in today’s society does not mean being a victim of a terrible person. Rather, it means being a victim of someone who […]