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27 Mar

The Best Car Accident Lawyer Gives Tips on Driver Performance in Bad Weather

When it’s all nice and sunny, Florida is a great place to cruise around in. But when there is pouring rain and sleet, and it’s difficult to even see the road, it’s important to be very careful and keep in mind some key concepts of driving in difficult weather. Although we may all think that […]

25 Mar

A Truck Accident Lawyer Tackles Truck Driver Fatigue

There are many causes of truck accidents. These causes include vehicle malfunction, driver error, and also driver fatigue. Truck driver fatigue is a dangerous and prevalent occurrence, and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration established regulations in order to check truck driver fatigue and protect public safety. Any driver who has ever driven right next […]

27 Feb

A Traffic Accident Lawyer Explains Intersection Accidents

Regardless if its right across the street from your home, or across the city downtown, intersection accidents cause severe injuries each year. Some of these may even be life-threatening. When it comes down to it, these car accidents are at a higher-risk because the cars that are approaching come from different directions. At Injury Assistance […]

25 Feb
rear end accident near orlando

If You’ve Been in a Rear End Accident, Call Us Today!

Do you know what a rear-end accident is? We are not just talking about a fender bender. The scary thing about these accidents is that they can happen anywhere in Florida and across the country. However, they are almost always preventable. If you have ever been injured by a rear end accident and want to […]

20 Feb
hit and run lawyer in orlando

Talk To a Hit And Run Lawyer After Your Accident

Suffering any kind of accident can be overwhelming and stressful, but when the accident you’re involved in is a hit and run things become even more complicated. You’re usually left without knowing who the driver was that hit you or whether or not they have insurance to cover the damages to your car or the […]

11 Feb
truck accident lawyer near orlando

A Truck Accident Lawyer Explains Common Injuries in Orlando

You see it all the time while commuting to and from work. This is especially common if I-4 is part of your daily route. We are talking about car accidents. More specifically truck accidents. When it comes to these awful situations, it is often that the individuals involved suffer from many injuries. The truck accident […]

07 Feb
auto accident attorney orlando

An Auto Accident Attorney Orlando Locals Trust Knows How to Determine Fault

You got into a major collision. Was it your fault? Do you know how to determine whose fault it actually was? This will help you further along down the road when it comes to insurance claims. Injury Assistance Law Firm is here to break down exactly how to find out who’s fault the accident is. […]