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15 Oct
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Understanding Pain and Suffering

You were the victim of a severe car accident. Your injuries were nothing to joke about. You got hurt. Bad. The consequences are wide-reaching. Not only did you suffer from severe physical injuries and maybe even permanent disabilities, but you also missed work and lost income. That’s not it either. You are also experiencing emotional […]

13 Sep
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Orlando’s Best Car Accident Lawyer Advises Injured Passengers

You are on your way home, carpooling,  from a long day at work and are unlucky enough to get involved in a car accident. What happens if you’re injured? What do you do in regards to insurance companies? How do you file injury claims? Luckily, you have us at Injury Assistance Law Firm on your […]

05 Sep
florida distracted driving laws in orlando

Do We Need Stronger Florida Distracted Driving Laws?

Ever get irritated when you’re driving home from work and you are stuck behind a car which seems to not be paying attention to any road sign or street signals? When you finally manage to drive around the vehicle, you notice that the individual is playing on the phone. Has this person been distracted by […]

30 Aug
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Costs of a Car Accident from an Auto Accident Lawyer

You see it every day, especially on Interstate 4. Car accidents are a growing problem in Central Florida. These accidents can get expensive too, especially if you do not have the law on your side. Our experienced auto accident lawyer has all the expertise and information you need to get your prepared. Us at Injury […]