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06 Aug
personal injury lawsuit near Orlando

How Long Will My Personal Injury Lawsuit Take to Resolve?

If you recently got into a car accident, you want results right away when it comes to compensation. Here at Injury Assistance Law Firm, our experts are here to make sure that you have all the information you need to understand how long it takes to resolve your personal injury lawsuit. Our personal injury attorney […]

15 Jul
Slip and fall case Near Orlando

Slip and Fall Case: An Honest Evaluation

Dealing with a slip and fall case isn’t always the easiest thing to do because they aren’t exactly black and white. That is why it’s important to find an Orlando personal injury lawyer to help you evaluate your case and determine if you have a chance at winning. Your Assistance Law Firm in Orlando has […]

10 Jul
neck injury near Orlando

Back & Neck Injury Facts: Rear End Collisions

Have you ever been involved in a rear-end collision? While these are mostly very stressful and painful, it is very smart to make sure you are fully aware of the possible injuries that can occur. Here at Injury Assistance Law Firm we are here to inform you back and neck injury facts that can come […]

16 May
personal injury attorney near Orlando

Call a Personal Injury Attorney Near Me for OSHA’s Top Construction Hazards

Working with construction is a pretty risky job. There are many things around that put you at risk. If you are a construction worker, Injury Assistance Law Firm wants to make sure that you are aware of the top construction hazards. The best personal injury attorney near me has all the information when it comes […]

01 May
scooter accidents at Orlando

Scooter Accidents On the Rise: Talk to a Personal Injury Lawyer Today

Many people will assume that riding a scooter is safe and more comfortable to commute simply for the sure face it is relatively smaller than most vehicles. However, believe it or not, these little transporters are get involved in as many accidents as its bigger cousins. The Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer at Injury Assistance Law […]