How To Protect Yourself Against Comparative Negligence in Slip & Fall Cases

05 Nov
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How To Protect Yourself Against Comparative Negligence in Slip & Fall Cases

Were you unfortunate enough to become the victim of a slip and fall case? You may need to make a claim. We are here to show you two state-specific rules to keep in mind when you do which include comparative negligence. We are Injury Assistance Law Firm. Located conveniently near Orlando, we are an Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer who wants to get you the compensation you deserve.


Ouch, That Hurt

If you are ever hurt in a slip and fall injury on someone else’s property in Florida, it usually makes sense to explore your options for getting compensation for your losses, especially if it is apparent that the property owner was negligent in connection to the accident. Regardless if you file a claim with the property owner’s insurer, or take the matter to court through an Orlando personal injury lawyer, a number of Florida laws and legal wiles will definitely affect your case. The two most important of these laws are the statute of limitations deadline for filing slip and fall lawsuits and shared fault rules that can affect your right to recover compensation. This is if take some amount of responsibility for the accident.


Slip and Fall Cases With Comparative Negligence

Before you file an insurance claim or lawsuit over a slip and fall, it best to prepare yourself to hear the property owner argue and fight to protect themselves. They will try to turn it around on you and make you take responsibility. If this tactic works, you can see a significant chunk of award taken away.


Examples of this situations are as follows:

  • You were on a part of the property where visitors aren’t usually allowed or aren’t often expected to be.
  • You weren’t paying attention to where you were walking (you were using your phone, for example).
  • You were wearing footwear that was inappropriate or even unsafe for the situation.
  • The dangerous condition was cordoned off by cones and signage (reasonable steps were taken to protect visitors, in other words).
  • The dangerous condition should have been evident to you.


If your case makes it to court the state’s pure negligence rule will be used in order to determine your share of legal blame for your accident. This will determine how much compensation you can still receive from the property owner.


Think about this. Let’s say a jury find that you are 10 percent responsible for your slip and fall accident. They also find that your damages, which consists of your medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering total $20,000. This leaves the property owner on the hook for $18,000. That is the original $20,000 minus the 10 percent that equates with your share of fault.


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