Laws to Reduce Distracted Driving Could Save Cyclists’ Lives

04 Aug
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Laws to Reduce Distracted Driving Could Save Cyclists’ Lives

Distracted driving takes lives. The more drivers and cyclists are distracted, the more likely they are to get into accidents that can result in death. At Injury Assistance Law Firm, our professionals are here to make sure that you have the information you need to save peoples lives. When it comes to laws, our bicycle accident attorney is the one to trust. 


Distracted Driving Takes Lives

The driving factor in the uptick of distracted motorist deaths is easily cell phones. The lure of constant connectivity has proven quite powerful, and many are still under the mistaken assumption people have the ability to multitask.


Technically though, distraction can be anything that takes a driver’s full attention from the road. Examples include:

  • Turning to scold a child in the backseat
  • Personal grooming
  • Eating/drinking
  • Talking on a cell phone
  • Having an unsecured pet in the car
  • Adjusting music or other in-stereo dials

Still, Florida lawmakers shied away from expressly naming any of these in the new statute. Individuals who engage in these behaviors may or may not be cited for a traffic infraction if they cause a crash. From a civil case standpoint though, any of these could represent a breach of a driver’s duty of care, the foundation for establishing negligence compelling compensation.


The biggest change that will come from Florida’s new distracted driving law will be to bump it from a secondary to a primary offense. That means an officer’s observation or reasonable suspicion that a driver is texting behind the wheel will be cause enough in its own right to prompt a traffic stop. Previously, police had to have another reason to initiate a traffic stop before they could also issue a citation for texting/driving.


Cyclists Must Avoid Distracted Driving

Bicyclist accidents involving distracted drivers are fairly common. Bicycles are smaller, quieter, and less noticeable to start. Add an inattentive driver to the mix, and we too often get tragedy.


Even seemingly “less serious” forms of distraction – talking on the phone, for example – can have a pretty big impact on one’s safe driving ability.

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University used an MRI to track activity in the part of the brain that processes visual images. While on a cell phone, subjects processed 37 percent FEWER visual images than those who weren’t talking.


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