A Dog Bite Lawyer Explains Owner Liability & Victim Rights

13 May
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A Dog Bite Lawyer Explains Owner Liability & Victim Rights

Do you own a dog who may be a little vicious and want to know what happens if he ever attacks someone? Have you recently been bitten by a dog and want to know what rights you have? Whatever the case you fall under, you need to be informed. The expert dog bite lawyer at Injury Assistance Law Firm is here to give you all the information you need if this unfortunate situation occurs. We are Personal Injury Attorney Orlando residents can rely on.


Dog Bites Are Very Serious

Everybody loves dogs! However, that does not mean all dogs love people. Even if your dog is the most living part of your family, there are times where their instinctual habits and cause unintentional injuries to others. If this were to ever happen with your animal, what happens next? When a dog or any other animal owned as a pet bites or attacks another, injured victims may have the right to seek compensation for their damages – including any medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering – from the animal’s owner or another responsible party. Introducing Florida’s dog bite law.


Florida’s Dog Bite Law From A Dog Bite Lawyer

Florida’s dog bite law, outlined in the Florida Statutes (Chapter 767.04), contain essential components that address a dog owners’ liability to any person that dog bites or attacks. Under Florida law, victims of dog bites may be able to pursue compensation for their damages through one of several standards of liability:

  • Strict Liability – Unlike dog bite and animal attack laws in other states where owners are not held at fault for victims’ injuries unless a dog has previously bitten or attacked another person prior to the incident, Florida’s dog bite law applies what is known as strict liability. This means dog owners can be held liable for any injuries caused by their pet in an attack on a victim who is in a public space or lawfully on private property, no matter if the dog has no previous history of attacking people.
  • Negligence – Dog bite victims may also have the ability to file lawsuits against dog owners on the grounds of negligence. In order to prevail in a negligence claim, victims must prove the owner breached the “duty of care” they owned the victim, which resulted in injuries and damages. Pursuing a dog bite lawsuit on the grounds of negligence may be an option for victims injured under circumstances which may not necessarily invoke strict liability. There are other strategic reasons why pursuing a claim based on negligence would be preferred. Our experienced Dog Bite Attorney knows these.
  • Intentional Tort – There may be some cases where dog bite victims suffer injuries because the dog owner intentionally had their dog attack the victim. Similar to claims involving intentional assaults or battery, victims injured under these circumstances may be able to recover their damages by pursuing an intentional tort.


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