Do Hands-Free Devices Promote Driving Safety?

15 Aug
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Do Hands-Free Devices Promote Driving Safety?

Nowadays it is more common to see cars equipped with hands-free devices. Whether that be Bluetooth or a GPS, more and more drivers and getting used to the idea of driving without actually have to touch your phone. But is this concept safer? We are here to clear the air. At Injury Assistance Law Firm we genuinely care about your safety and the law when it comes to the law. We are an Orlando based law group who specializes in various aspects; this includes an auto accident attorney.


It Is Dangerous

About 80 percent of drivers believe that it is safer to drive with a hands-free device while driving, versus a hand-held phone. They all, unfortunately, are wrong. According to the National Safety Council, 24 percent of all car crashes involve cell phone conversations, both hand-held and hands-free. Some studies even suggest that talking on the phone through a hands-free device is as dangerous as driving drunk. It is good practice to educate yourself and your family with current research in regards to safety.


Distracted Driving Safety

When you as a driver are speaking on the phone or listening to others, your brain’s ability to process moving images decreases by up to one-third, and even though you are looking at the road, your eyes overlook 50 percent of what is around you. A popular argument is that talking on a hands-free device has the same effect as talking to a passenger of a car; however, National Safety Council says that is false. This is because passengers also watch the road while you drive. Passengers usually warn the driver about dangers they overlook. That same study also found there were more cell phone user crashes, rather than drunk drivers. They found no difference between the performance of drivers who used hands-free and hand-held devices.


There are many similar studies that have produced comparable results. Avoid the accident by speaking with our auto accident attorney today.


Myth Busted

Ever see the popular Discovery Channel television show Myth Busters? The famous scientists on this show put the theory to the test. They tested an experiment that compares drunk driving to cell phone use. In this experiment, the drunk driver did better on a driving course than the driver who spoke on the phone with a hands-free device.


Some people believe that individuals drive more dangerously when they use a hands-free device because they are lulled into a false sense of security. Their minds assume they are safer because they aren’t physically touching or looking at their phones. It does not help that hands-free devices are being advertised as safety measures to minimize driver’s distracted driving.


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To keep you and your family safe on the road, we encourage you to not use a cell phone, regardless if its hands-free or handheld. If it is absolutely necessary or an emergency, pull over or have one of your passengers relay the message. It is not worth the risking your driving safety. Here at Injury Assistance Law Firm, we are here for you. Our auto accident attorney is dedicated to your protection. We are qualified to ensure you get all the information you need to take action. Trust our Orlando office to help you obtain the most favorable results possible. Our experts are driven to fight for you and get you protected. Visit or call us today for more information.

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