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The length of the process may vary depending on the available limits, the severity of the injury, or how long it takes for the injured person to get back to maximum medical improvement aka MMI.

Personal Injury attorneys work under what’s called a Contingency Fee Contract, which means our fees are contingent, or relies on us being able to get our clients paid for their injury.  No settlement for our clients means we don’t get paid either.  That keeps everyone on the same page.  Standard percentage is 33 1/3% of whatever amount the case is settled for pre-suit. In litigation, the fee goes up to 40%, however, litigation only in regards to damages brings the fee back to 33 1/3%.

Medical treatment is typically pretty imperative to any personal injury case as that is the way we are able to substantiate that a claimant has been injured and how severely injured as a result of an incident.

If you are injured, you should see a medical provider immediately. In Florida, under the PIP Statute, you have 14 days to seek medical attention to be eligible for the benefits that you pay for every month. However, the longer you wait the more difficult it sometimes can be to tie your injury or need for medical assistance to the subject accident.

  1. You should always call 911.
  2. Take photos of all vehicles involved, preferably before moving the vehicles from their resting place after the accident.
  3. Contact a reputable personal injury attorney before giving your insurance company a recorded statement.

It’s usually very difficult to know exactly what your case is worth at the onset.  However, there are a few things that are typically taken into consideration:

  1. Policy limits of at fault party and uninsured motorist coverage, where applicable.
  2. Severity of injury and type of treatment warranted to treat the injury.
  3. Medical expenses incurred for treatment over and above the PIP benefits.

There are numerous other things that are considered but these are just a few of the most common.