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2 Jul

How to Choose the Best Truck Accident Attorney for Your Case in Florida

By Michael Mills

After a truck accident, you want to specifically look for an attorney with experience helping truck accident victims. Many personal injury law firms claim that they can handle truck accident cases, even if they have little experience doing so. There is usually a lot of money at stake in truck accident cases. Since these crashes cause severe and even catastrophic injuries. Because so much is on the line, you need to find the perfect attorney for your case. But where to start from? A Google search for “truck accident attorney” will bring out hundreds of thousands of results. Your family and friends can try to recommend a lawyer they know personally, but this is not good enough. 

With ample options available, how do you select the best truck accident attorney for your case? We at Injury Assistant Law Firm assist you in this crucial decision-making process. We aim to protect your rights and guide you through the necessary steps after a truck accident.

Step 1 - Do Your Research

To identify the right truck accident attorney, try answering the following three questions.

Question 1 – What Does a Truck Accident Case Entail?

Find out why you need a truck accident lawyer to get started. If you have asthma, You won't call a podiatrist, and if you have a leaky sink, you won't call an electrician. Similarly, if you have a question about divorce, you won’t call a criminal defense lawyer or a personal injury attorney. So, after a truck accident, why would you look for anyone other than an experienced truck accident attorney?

First, a truck accident case involves identifying the cause of the accident and the parties responsible for it. Commercial trucks are highly complex machines, and the trucking industry must comply with complicated regulations and requirements. Therefore, your case requires detailed knowledge regarding the commercial trucking industry. Additionally, if you suffered a disabling injury, your case will involve more complex legal issues than a relatively minor injury. You need an attorney with experience handling catastrophic injury cases.

Question 2 – What Qualities Should You Look for in a Lawyer?

Even among expert truck accident attorneys, you want to choose the one that best suits your needs and personality. Some factors can differentiate certain lawyers:

Experience – After years of experience, an attorney will have more information about insurance companies, trucking companies, courts, and more.

Availability—Having someone available to answer your call every time can indicate a law firm's dedication to its clients. Also, if you are in the hospital, is there a lawyer willing to visit you there since you cannot come to the office?

Disciplinary record – Lawyers with ethics complaints against them could be problematic. They may fail to meet deadlines, refuse to keep you informed or engage unethical behavior that could harm your claim.

Question 3 – What Is the Reputation of the Law Firm?

Reading reviews, testimonials, and case results can give you a good idea of a company's reputation. Respect from peers and a winning track record may indicate a company that will do an excellent job for you. You can find all of this information online. So, there is no excuse not to research a law firm's reputation before hiring them!

Step 2 – Determine the Attorneys on Your Shortlist

After conducting the above research, develop a short list of the best candidates. However, you still have work to do, as you must contact each law firm and discuss your specific situation with a member of their teams. Prepare a list of questions, which may include:

  • How many truck accident cases have you handled? What were the results?
  • Have you dealt with a claim with my type of injury before?
  • Do I have a valid truck accident claim?
  • Will you assign my case to an attorney?
  • Does your office respond to emails or phone calls quickly?
  • What are the deadlines for me to take legal action?
  • How long does a truck accident case like mine take?
  • How much will I have to pay and when?

After providing detailed information about your truck accident, the law firm team should answer your questions thoroughly. Also, take this opportunity to familiarize yourself with the law firms and which ones match what you are looking for.

Different people will match well with varying firms of law, and remember that this is a personal choice. Was the team member too fast for you? Did the team take the time to answer each question in a way you understood? Our truck accident attorneys handle cases on a contingency fee basis, so you pay absolutely nothing unless your attorney obtains a settlement or award for you. This fee agreement helps everyone involved get the best possible results in their truck accident claim.

Step 3 – Choose the Best Truck Accident Attorney for You and Move Forward

Once you have found the best fit based on your initial consultation and the truck accident attorney's experience, reputation, and credentials, don't delay to hire the attorney. Sometimes, you may feel good about a company, but you may have lingering questions or concerns. Never hesitate to follow up and speak to the attorney or a supervisor.

If you feel strongly about a company, call again to see if you can get satisfactory answers to your questions. Once decided which truck accident attorney is best for you, review the contract the attorney provides you. Ask as many questions as you need, as you should never sign an agreement that you do not fully understand. Once everything makes sense and reflects your conversations, go ahead and sign the contract. Then, let the truck accident lawyer take it from there. You don't have to worry about your legal case and can focus on your injuries and healing.

Consult an Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer ASAP

After a truck accident, you may not know what your rights are or how much your injuries will cost you, so don't wait to find the best truck accident lawyer and learn your legal options. Never delay seeking help, but don't feel in a rush too. Make a decision based on your research, your conversations with a law firm, and how you think about the connection. 

Be confident while choosing an attorney with us. Injury Assistant Law Firm is the right choice. With more than 20 years of experience, we are more than capable of assisting you in your truck accident claim. 

Don't take unnecessary risks - contact us and let us help you.