Importance of Various Auto Insurance Coverages

05 Feb
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Importance of Various Auto Insurance Coverages

Do you have all your bases covered with auto insurance coverage? In the event that you find yourself in an accident, Injury Assistance Law Firm has an Orlando car accident lawyer who can review your claim and make sure that your case gets the attention it requires. Reach out to us today to settle your case and get the compensation you deserve.


Types of Auto Insurance Coverage You Should Have



This is a two part coverage, involving both personal injury and property damage. This type of coverage will pay for other party’s medical bills and vehicle repairs. This will not cover you or your passengers if injured or cover repairs for your vehicle if your car was damaged.



This will fix or replace your vehicle after an accident. Coverage extends to damage caused by collision with an object such as a tree or house or if the accident includes in an instance such as your car flipping. In most states this is a must have coverage.



This protects your vehicle against certain types of damage not caused by an accident, such as theft, a falling object, or a natural disaster.


Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

“No-Fault Insurance” this will cover medical expenses regardless of whose fault it is. This can extend to other drivers on your policy as well.


Auto Medical Payments (Medpay)

This is similar to PIP. It covers accident related medical expenses for you, passengers, household members, and policy holders.


Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Some drivers will break the law and drive without insurance or don’t enough insurance coverage. In this event, if you are injured, this coverage will cover your medical bills.


With so many types of insurance, it is tough to choose the right types for you. Sometimes the choice comes down to the type of car you drive, whether it is financed, and several other factors which should be considered as well. However, when you get into an accident and need to file a claim, you should hope that at least one of these insurance policies are in your favor. Injury Assistance Law Firm is here to assist and find an Orlando car accident lawyer locals trust to review your case and make sure you get the results you are hoping for.


Orlando Car Accident Lawyer Locals Trust


Come to us with proof of auto insurance coverage, photos of the accident, and any of form of evidence to help your claim. It is important that as your lawyer, we have all the information we need to build a case and help you get the solution you are looking for.


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If you are worried about a recent accident you have been involved in and are not sure about your auto insurance coverage, reach out to Injury Assistance Law Firm in Orlando, FL. Our Orlando car accident lawyer can look over your case and help you answer any questions you may have and make sure you get everything you need to get the correct claim. Trust us to give you the positive outcome you deserve.

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