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Information You Need to Disclose to Your Attorney During Injury Cases  

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A personal injury attorney is the one person you can turn to whenever you need help in getting compensation for damages caused by a negligent party. They have the experience and knowledge of the law to conduct a successful negotiation and make sure you get the justice you deserve. However, for them to be able to help you, you need to be cooperative and provide certain information that could be of use in the negotiations. Here are some of the things you should make sure you disclose. See more here.


Information About the Accident

This includes everything that transpired before, during, and a few moments after the accident in question. Where did it happen, what time did it happen and who was involved? Other things that can be helpful are the reports that were filed by law enforcement and the insurance company, for the case of car accidents. See here for information about Helpful Tips for Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer.


Any Photographs Taken

Pictures taken after the accident could go a long way in giving you standing in the case. They could be photos of the car, in the case of car accidents and also those of any cuts, bruises or scars sustained.

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