Injured Due to the Negligence of the City to Maintain Its Public Roadways?

15 May
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Injured Due to the Negligence of the City to Maintain Its Public Roadways?

It is the duty of the city that you live in to make sure that any road construction that is done does not cause you any harm. Injury Assistance Law Firm in Orlando has seen it time and again that bicyclists are injured by a lack of care on the part of the city to keep them safe. As a bicycle accident attorney, we know what it takes to help you out and get you the compensation that you deserve to recover from any injuries that may have resulted from negligence from the city. To learn more about our services, contact us at Injury Assistance Law Firm.


How Does Road Construction Affect You?


In Orlando, we deal with quite a bit of road construction. It is a constant presence for us on all our roads. Occasionally, the constant construction can cause accidents. This happens when the city does not take the necessary precautions to ensure safety to those who utilize the roads. For instance, if the city does not provide the proper signage to indicate the construction or to restrict access to that area, this can ultimately lead to an accident. Additionally, if the condition of the road during the time that the construction is underway is too dangerous to maneuver, this can cause serious accidents. Finally, if the roads are left in such a state that the drivers are required to negotiate a dangerous turn, this can lead to many accidents over time.

Then you consider what could happen if those who are on the road are bicycle riders rather than motorists. The problem that you run into is much larger. Bicyclists are at a much higher rate of a danger than those who are driving cars because they are much more exposed. When you add road construction to the mix, you are setting yourself up for a very dangerous situation.


Do You Need a Bicycle Accident Attorney?


If the city was negligent in considering bicycle riders when doing construction, it is their responsibility to take care of any damages that you may have incurred. They must provide safe driving conditions for all those who share the road. This includes bicyclists. This means that if you ride a bicycle on a road that is under construction and the conditions are such that it is impossible for you to stay safe, then you are more than entitled to file a claim against the local government for your damages and injuries.

We at Injury Assistance Law Firm can be this resource for you. We have worked with many accidents in the past and we know the kind of damages that can incur when the city does not properly take care of its roads. If you would like to learn more about what we can do for you, contact us today.


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Injury Assistance Law Firm is a bicycle accident attorney located in Orlando. We can help you receive compensation after an accident due to the city’s negligence. To learn more about our services, contact us today.

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