Are You Using the Bike Lane? Find an Injury Attorney Near Me!

01 Oct

Are You Using the Bike Lane? Find an Injury Attorney Near Me!

Unfortunately, bicycle accidents are an all too common occurrence today on the roadways of America. When a car or truck crashes into a bicycle, the injuries which are incurred are often severe or life-threatening. With more and more people traveling by bicycle, America continues to make changes in order to make bicycling a safer hobby and mode of transportation. One of the most effective and useful ways that states have found to cut down on the amount of accidents is through the use of bike lanes, which are also known as bikeways. Many cities throughout Florida are implementing bike lanes and putting into place new infrastructure and plans to accommodate safer bicycling. Read on to learn more about what bikeways are, and how they can help protect bicyclists. If you are looking online for an “injury attorney near me” in the near Orlando area, Injury Assistance Law Firm is a top bicycle accident attorney. Call Injury Assistance Law Firm for a consultation today!


What Are Bikeways?


So what exactly are bikeways and how can they protect bicyclists? Bikeways are lanes which are designed specifically for bicycles to ride on. They constitute designated spaces which are narrower than the lanes for motorized vehicles, and are usually situated between the curb and the lane of motorized traffic or the parking lane. The most important thing about bike lanes that people should know is that they protect bicyclists through allowing them their own space to travel and by keeping them as far away from everyday motorists as possible. There are a variety of features that protected bicycle lanes may utilize in order to separate bikes from traffic, such as the use of curbs and planters. Designing bikeways takes time and planning, and the city must first take into account the individual needs of each area and determine the placement for the lanes. Next, the streets and intersections must be revised in order to include proper space for bicycles. 


Looking For An Injury Attorney Near Me?


It is important for both motorists and bicyclists to pay attention to the road and to watch for one another while driving. The rules of the road applies to both bicycles and motorized vehicles, and drivers must keep in mind that they share the road and watch out for bikes, particularly in areas with blind spots and without bike lanes. Bicyclists should also make sure and ride in the same direction as the traffic goes and to stay as close to the curb as possible. If there is a bike lane in place, then bicycles should stay in the designated biking lane. There are many protocols that should be followed when biking as well as driving in order to avoid an accident between bicyclists and motorists. If you are involved in a biking accident, you may want to contact a bicycle accident attorney for assistance with your case.


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