Consult an Injury Lawyer Near Me If Road Debris Led To An Accident

13 Jan
injury lawyer near me at Orlando

Consult an Injury Lawyer Near Me If Road Debris Led To An Accident

Have you or someone you care about been hurt by an accident caused by road debris? Just because there is no clear culprit doesn’t mean that the accident is your fault. That debris was made by someone and if that debris was made due to the negligence of another person or company you may be entitled to monetary compensation. So don’t search for an injury lawyer near me, call The Injury Assistance Law Firm today for any debris related accidents near Orlando today. We have the best auto accident attorney in the state and we will fight for you.


Tips to Avoid Adding to Road Debris Caused Accidents 


One of the best things you can do to avoid accidents caused by road debris, is to not contribute your own road debris. What is road debris though? Road debris is any type of foreign material that is not normal to the road that may serve as a hazard. This is anything as small as a balled up piece of trash to as big as a car tire. Obviously, you should never intentionally add debris to the road. Besides, littering is against the law it is also harmful to the environment. To ensure you never unintentionally contribute debris, make sure all cargo you are transporting is secure and safe. Items being carried in the flatbed of a truck should never be stacked higher than the top of the highest side of the truck bed. Loose items need to be covered and it’s important to know your knots. Not just any knot will stay secure.


The Best Injury Lawyer Near Me and Staying Safe

Michael A. Mills as an auto accident attorney has years of experience practicing Insurance Defense Litigation. He and his team at The Injury Assistance Law Firm specialize in auto accidents and can help defend you in wrongful cases made against you or fight for you when others are at fault. Aside from legal counseling, the team are experts in auto safety and suggest always ensuring you give the cars in front of you the appropriate amount of space. If something falls out, you need time to adjust and get out of the way and giving them a little extra space might just do that. Additionally never drive at night without headlights as you run the risk of missing potential debris and greatly increase your chances of an accident.   


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Your days of finding an injury lawyer near me are over. The Injury Assistance Law Firm is here to help you with accidents of all types, whether it be car accidents, tractor trailer accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip and fall, wrongful death, or dog bites. We believe we have the talent to create creative legal solutions to solve any case and with our firm’s combined experience of twenty years, you won’t find a better team to take care of you. Every case is important to us and will receive the attention it deserves. So don’t be shy and come visit our offices near Orlando or in Winter Haven and work with the best auto accident attorney today.

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