What Law Firms Near Me Have to Say About Infotainment System Hazards

08 Apr
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What Law Firms Near Me Have to Say About Infotainment System Hazards

Do you know what an infotainment system hazard is? You may not realize this, but if you have a car model that is dated in this decade, chances are you are utilizing this type of system every day. The experts at Injury Assistance Law Firm is here to ensure that you have all the information you need to keep you protected. Trust our personal injury attorney Orlando firm to help! We are located near Orlando. You will never need to google the phrase “best law firms near me” again!


So, What is an Infotainment System?

Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) is an auto industry term that refers to vehicle systems that combine entertainment and information delivery to drivers and passengers. IVI systems use audio/video (A/V) interfaces, touchscreens, keypads and other types of devices to provide these types of services.


IVI systems typically include A/V features and two-way communications tools, including standard radio and CD players, as well as hands-free phone connections, vehicle voice commands and other types of interactive audio or video. Many IVI systems include rear-seat DVD capability that allows passengers to watch movies and other visual media.

Another major IVI component is mobile device connectivity. Newer vehicles have a range of systems that allow devices like iPhones/smartphones and laptops to connect to a vehicle for passenger use. Many IVIs also have security features that prevent drivers from using any video services or other distracting system elements.

Law Firms Near Me Discuss Hazards

It has been well-documented that using a smartphone while driving is a dangerous form of distracted driving. Most drivers presume that using their newer dashboard infotainment system is safer. But that is not necessarily true, according to research from AAA’s Foundation for Traffic Safety.


Tests showed that some of the car makers’ native touchscreen systems involved more menus and greater amounts of text, all of which increase the demand on a drivers’ attention. Some systems varied also in terms of which features are locked out when the vehicle is in motion.


Use common sense. Infotainment systems are becoming increasingly integrated with new car models, but they can still be a significant cause of distracted driving. Like mobile phone use, it is best to err on the side of caution, and not employ these technologies while driving.


Trust Our Personal Injury Attorney Orlando Residents

When it comes to staying safe with infotainment systems, “law firms near me” are here to help. We are the ones to turn to in order to keep you safe on the roads. We highly suggest you seeing a doctor when it comes to car accident injuries from these systems. Personal injury claims are rarely going to be as straightforward as you would like them to be. That is what we at Injury Assistance Law Firm in Orlando are here for. Our personal injury attorney Orlando firm understands the kind of quality that is necessary in order to provide our clients with real results. We work hard to make sure that you trust us with your claims and we stick with you throughout the entire process so that you always have someone to turn to for any questions or concerns. If you are interested in learning more about our services, contact us today!

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