Lawyers in Orlando Florida Caution Left Hook Bicycle Accidents

08 Jul
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Lawyers in Orlando Florida Caution Left Hook Bicycle Accidents

When you are out on the road riding a bike, it’s already obvious that you are smaller and a lot more fragile than most other vehicles on the road. Because of this, you must make sure you are more alert than ever. Your main goal is to avoid left hook bicycle accidents. The experts at Injury Assistance Law Firm is here to inform you of all the things you need to know about these accidents. You can count on our lawyers in Orlando Florida to give you the best advice. Let our bicycle accident attorney fight for you!


What Is A Left Hook Bike Accident

A left hook bicycle accident occurs when a vehicle turns left without yielding to a cyclist in the oncoming lane. The car or truck turning left may strike the cyclist or may cut the cyclist off and cause a collision. Often, left hook accidents occur with a vehicle moving at a high-speed relative to the bicycle, leading to significant injuries or fatality for the cyclist.


Common Injuries from Lawyers in Orlando Florida 

The extent of a cyclist’s injuries may depend on how fast the vehicle was traveling, how fast the cyclist was traveling, the angles of impact involved, and the road surface. Common injuries may include:

  • Traumatic brain injury. A bicycle helmet is designed to protect a cyclist’s head and to reduce the incidence of traumatic brain injury in an accident. Even when helmets do their job, cyclists may sustain mild to moderate brain injury. In the worst cases, brain injury can lead to cognitive or physical impairment, memory loss, coma, and death.
  • Spinal cord injury. A collision between a bicycle and a vehicle tends to throw the cyclist to the ground in an awkward and violent impact or series of impacts. When this impact injures the cyclist’s spinal cord, the cyclist may be left with partial or total paralysis. In many cases, these injuries may be permanent, requiring the cyclist to adapt to life in a wheelchair or other assistive device.
  • Broken bones and soft-tissue trauma. It is common in any violent impact for a cyclist to suffer fractures and soft-tissue trauma over their entire body. Some common injuries include shattered wrists and hips, and damaged shoulders. These injuries may require extensive orthopedic reconstruction and months (or more) of physical therapy before the cyclist can recover a full range of motion and functionality.
  • Lacerations and abrasions. Striking and sliding along rough pavement can result in deep lacerations and massive abrasions that take a long time to heal and pose a risk of infection if not properly cleaned and dressed.
  • Emotional trauma. In addition to the physical trauma associated with a bicycle accident, cyclists injured in left-hook collisions may also experience severe emotional trauma. They may have trouble sleeping or eating for some time after the accident, or they may struggle with previously enjoyable activities. Recovering from the emotional trauma of a bicycle accident may take months or more of counseling and support.


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When it comes to a left hook accident on a bike, you are not alone. Let us help! Our lawyers in Orlando Florida are here for you. At The Injury Assistance Law Firm, our personal injury lawyer is here to ensure you are updated when it comes what you need to do in a car accident. We are the best bicycle accident attorney near Orlando! Call our auto accident attorney today for more information.

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