A Local Attorney in Orlando Wants Cyclists to Stay Safe!

14 Oct
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A Local Attorney in Orlando Wants Cyclists to Stay Safe!

Riding your bike can seem like a fairly innocuous activity, but don’t forget that cyclists are also considered drivers on the road. Being safe on a bicycle is also far more important for you than for a driver in a car that may hit you if you aren’t paying attention. We at Injury Assistance Law Firm near Orlando have seen our fair share of bicycle accidents, so we can say from experience that is isn’t an easy ordeal. If you do find yourself in such an accident, getting access to a local attorney can be extremely beneficial. As a cyclist, it’s more often than not the driver’s job to avoid you. A bicycle accident attorney can help you in obtaining the compensation you may need for recovery fees. The best solution to dealing with bicycle accidents, though, is to avoid them completely. Here are some key tips for staying safe on your bike.


Bicycle Accident Attorney Tips for Staying Safe on Your Bike

Staying safe on your bicycle is incredibly important. In 2017, 783 cyclists were killed in accidents on the road. That’s as many as a graduating class of a large public high school! With this in mind, safety might not seem like such a chore anymore. Your life is more important, after all. Here are some tips to staying safe on your bicycle:

  • Wear the right protective gear
    • The majority of fatalities that have resulted from bicycle accidents feature a victim who wasn’t wearing a helmet. This is because helmets are extremely effective at protecting your head and brain from injury in the result of accidents and falls. Without a helmet, you’re leaving one of your body’s two most important parts completely exposed. Even if you’re struck be a vehicle going at relatively slow speeds, the fall onto a concrete or cement surface can result in some serious head injuries. This is especially important for children who are 14 times more likely to be killed in bicycle accidents than children who are wearing helmets.
  • Follow all traffic laws
    • Did you know that traffic laws also apply to bicyclists in most states, including Florida? When riding your bike, it’s important to keep in mind things like who has the right of way at a stop light or intersection. Failing to obey these laws puts you in far more danger than drivers safe in their cars. Always treat your bicycle the way you’d treat your car when riding, as the only person who’s likely to be harmed in an accident is you.
  • Ride proactively
    • Even if you’re obeying your state’s traffic laws and wearing a helmet, there’s always the chance that someone else you encounter on the road may be breaking a law. Never assume just because you have the right of way that someone else will stop for you. Both driving and riding proactively means assuming the worst may happen and being cautious at each encounter. Pay attention to your surroundings and be prepared to break or turn away if someone else isn’t paying attention. Accidents aren’t caused by both participants correctly following traffic laws, after all. If it’s the other driver, you could be in trouble if you aren’t paying attention.


Finding a Local Attorney for Bicycle Accidents

If you’re near Orlando, and you’ve recently been in a bicycle accident, you’ll want to reach out for a bicycle accident attorney. At Injury Assistance Law Firm, we have experience dealing with such accidents and can help ensure that you get the most money possible to help with your recovery. A local attorney can be a major difference in coming out of your accident unscathed financially after your injuries are healed. Contact us as soon as possible if you or someone you know needs this kind of help.

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