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Mid Florida and All the Funfairs

You may want to think again if you thought Mid Florida, with its fresh seafood, near-perfect weather, and powder-white sand beaches, was just a place to soak up the sun. There are so many funfairs you can enjoy in the city, which are highlighted below. More facts can be seen here.

Neptune Memorial Reef

You can describe it as an underwater city for the dead. Located 40 feet below the sea’s surface, you will lions marking the entryway to the reef with a complete crumbling ruins, soaring gates, and stone roads. Sponsored by a cremation company, the Neptune Society, the lost city acts as an artificial reef and an underwater cemetery. Whether you’re exploring the marine and sculpture life or visiting deceased loved ones, all divers can visit the memorial reef. Learn more about Fun Places on Orlando.

Santos – Belleview Trail

Just outside Ocala, you can have a great hiking and biking experience in Santos. Though Santos’ trails tend to be narrow with the mountain biking trails that Santos provides, you will still be amazed by the beauty. You will Santos as the best place for everyone in a family across all generations. You can ride for many miles in the safe, scenic, and paved rails to trails. You can enjoy the trail in the sun, which is about 10 percent, and you will find it a lot more fun to ride a horse on this multi-purpose trail.

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