Tips to Increase Motorcycle Safety & Visibility

08 Aug
motorcycle safety in orlando

Tips to Increase Motorcycle Safety & Visibility

Your motorcycle is your baby. You take it everywhere and you never go a day without admiring its beauty. It may seem as though sometimes you can drive your motorcycle with your eyes closed, but that is not the case. Motorcycle safety is a matter that bikers need to take seriously. Here at Injury Assistance Law Firm, we want to ensure you are safe out there while riding your bike. We are based out of Orlando and are here to protect you with the law.


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It is safe to say that even if you are the most reliable and most experienced driver in the world, that does not say the same about the driver next you is. For all you know, they could be the worst driver. Being in a motorcycle is already dangerous enough, due to its smaller presence on the streets. Most vehicles out there are more significant. If you are unfortunate enough to get struck by a large car, you can face serious, life-threatening injuries. Our Orlando personal injury attorney is qualified to get you the help you need.


Our Tips To Motorcycle Safety

These tips are not only going to keep you safe as a driver out there but they relatively easy to do.

  • Ride a brightly colored motorcycle.
    • As previously stated, being a cyclist you already are at a disadvantage on the road. You are both harder to see and harder to gauge the distance from. If your cycle was colored different, it could help your cause. Darkly colored motorcycles make that issue more intense, so do the opposite. Sport a brightly colored bike.


  • Wear high visibility safety gear.
    • When you are on a bike, you are taking up just as much visual space as the cycle itself. This means we have as big of a role as the bike when it comes to what other vehicles can see. We were always taught in life by road rules, yellow and orange mean yield, caution, or slow down. So when you wear the proper gear that resembles these colors it will send the same message as well. Incorporate them into your helmet, jacket, and gloves.


  • Use reflective tape.
    • Using reflective tape increases the visual footprint of your motorcycle. We recommend putting pieces on the front of your forks and on any part of your bike that sticks out a reasonable distance from a light source. Reflective tape won’t do much for you during the daytime, but it will definitely act as independent light sources at night and make your motorcycle look like a much larger object.


  • Stay out of blind spots.
    • Think of the term “blind spot”. It is pretty obvious what it means. This is very prominent when we as bikes get impatient at rush hour and find ourselves swerving through traffic. If you position your motorcycle in a place where drivers can’t see you without moving their heads and looking for you, you’re leaving your fate to their vigilance. This advice is the most simple… avoid them.


  • Tap your brakes.
    • Many people don’t know that their brakes have a secondary function. It’s basically an alert that says, “Hey, I’m driving here!” Tapping your brakes rapidly turns your brake light into a giant blinker, hopefully taking the attention of the driver behind you from his cell phone he is probably distracted from, to the massive traffic jam he will slam into should he not drop his phone and act quickly. Tapping your brakes also works great for tailgaters or to warn your riding buddies of a dangerous road condition.


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