An Orlando Accident Attorney Knows How to Prove Fault

03 Jan
Orlando Accident Attorney

An Orlando Accident Attorney Knows How to Prove Fault

If you’ve ever been in an accident, you know the first thing that people do is try to put the blame on the other driver, which is why hiring an Orlando accident attorney can be helpful. You need to be sure that you don’t get blamed for something that wasn’t your fault, and sometimes people don’t know how to protect themselves in a situation like a crash. Whether you are looking for a bicycle accident attorney or an auto lawyer, the professionals at Injury Assistance Law Firm near Orlando can help you review your situation and help you understand what you are entitled to. Keep reading for more advice from the experts. 


Advice on Proving Fault From an Orlando Accident Attorney

After an accident, emotions are running high, and everyone involved is on edge. No one wants to be held responsible because that means there could be financial responsibilities and criminal charges. However, an automobile or bicycle accident attorney can teach you how to analyze a situation to learn who was at fault and teach you what to say and not to say so you don’t end up taking on any blame. 


There are a number of situations that will automatically mean that the other driver is at fault:

  • If the other driver made a traffic violation: In a case like this, having witness statements are extremely beneficial because they can prove that the other driver engaged in some type of reckless driving. This could mean they were driving under the influence, ran a red light, or stop sign, and they should be blamed for the accident. In order to figure out which traffic violation applies to your case, you’d need to work with a lawyer to determine which road laws were broken. 
  • If you’re involved in a rear-end collision: This type of case is probably the easiest to prove fault. In a situation like this, it doesn’t matter why you stopped or even if you stopped short and abrupt because driving rules require that all drivers keep a safe distance from the driver in front of them. It’s usually not necessary to have witnesses in these cases because the damage to your car is typically proof enough. 
  • If the crash is a result of a left-hand turn: Again, these cases are usually pretty open and shut. The general rule of thumb in these types of accidents is the car that is turning left is always at fault. This is because the car which is on the right-hand side always has the right of way on the road. On the other hand, there are situations where the car that is traveling straight could be found at fault.
    • If the driver was going over the speed limit
    • If the driver ran a red light

Similarly, to rear-end crashes, the damages in these accidents will tell the police exactly what happened. One car will have damage to the front of the car, and the other will have damage to the right-facing side. 


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