Avoid Blind Spot Accidents – Tips From An Orlando Attorney

21 Oct
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Avoid Blind Spot Accidents – Tips From An Orlando Attorney

Unfortunately, accidents due to blind spots are much more common than you may think. Even if you are driving a sedan or other small passenger vehicle and don’t have many blind spots, it’s essential to recognize that other drivers in different types of vehicles do have blind spots. Cars such as minivans, cargo vans, trucks, sport utility vehicles, and semi-trucks all have blind spots that keep them from spotting traffic around them. This is why it’s important to always be vigilant and informed regarding blind spots and the possible accidents that could occur on the motorway. If you are looking for an Orlando attorney for your case, call Injury Assistance Law Firm near Orlando for a personal injury attorney Orlando residents trust!


Know Your Blind Spots (And Others)!

In order to be a responsible driver, it is important to be aware of your car on the road as well as the fallacies that other drivers may fall into. This means that it is crucial for drivers to know what the blind spots are on their own vehicle as well as on other vehicles. Firstly, let’s discuss your own vehicle. Sit in your vehicle and adjust your mirrors for the best view around your vehicle. When you are driving, you need to be aware of what you are able to and not able to see in your mirrors, and you should turn in your head to look over your shoulder prior to turning or changing lanes. If you are aware of your blind spots, you can adjust your driving habits to make sure that they do not result in you being in an accident. That being said, you are not the only fallible driver on the road; there are plenty of other vehicles that can make mistakes as well. This is why it’s important to be aware of the blind spots of other vehicles. For example, a semi-truck has rather large blind spots, especially on the right side of their truck and trailer. You will need to stay far enough back alongside the trailer that you can be seen in the driver’s mirrors, or you need to be close enough to the cab so that you are able to be seen by the mirrors. Anything in between this area is a blind spot to the driver, and they could attempt to change lanes or turn without knowing that you are in the way.


A Top Orlando Attorney 

If you are in an accident due to your blind spot or somebody else’s blind spot, the fault will lie with whoever neglected to compensate for the blind spot or to obey traffic laws. These accidents can sometimes be difficult to determine fault. Your best bet in these situations is to contact an experienced attorney such as Injury Assistance Law Firm, a personal injury attorney Orlando residents trust, in order to examine the case and represent you with the insurance companies. 


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It is important, as a responsible driver, to be proactive about avoiding blind spots on the road. Injury Assistance Law Firm is a personal injury attorney Orlando residents trust. Call Injury Assistance Law Firm near Orlando at our Winter Haven office for your Orlando attorney today!


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