An Orlando Auto Accident Attorney Assesses Road Damage & Debris

04 Mar
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An Orlando Auto Accident Attorney Assesses Road Damage & Debris

You just got into an accident. That is no good. What does it mean if your accident was caused because of debris on the road? What happens next? Do you get compensated for your injuries? How do you go about this process? The professionals at Injury Assistance Law Firm want to make sure you are protected by the law when it comes to road damage and debris. We are the Orlando auto accident to trust. This is the reason so many trust us as the best Orlando Car Accident Lawyer.  


Don’t Worry. It Was Not Your Fault

Let’s say you were involved in a car accident that was not your fault. You should not be held liable for all the damages. There should be someone else who has to take the blame for it all. However, the insurance company seems to be against you and you just can’t catch a break. So who is the one left holding the bag? Why take control of the situation all by yourself when you don’t have to. Our Orlando car accident lawyer is here to be by your side.


You Need A Lawyer For Your Orlando Auto Accident

Whose fault is it? The driver and owner of a vehicle which causes road debris is responsible for the damages caused by his negligence.  The question then becomes, “Is there coverage for my loss?”

How damage is caused to your vehicle can determine what type of insurance may cover it. Since every situation is different, the following are general rules of thumb:

  • Collision Insurance Coverage – If you run over something in the road that causes damage, your collision coverage may apply even if you do not know who is responsible for the debris. If you don’t have collision coverage, you will need to check the other coverage listed below:
    • Comprehensive Insurance – If roadway debris flies through the air and hits your car, some of the damage may be covered by your Homeowner’s or Umbrella coverage.
    • Liability Insurance (of the other driver) – If you can prove the damage was caused as a result of negligence like someone failing to secure a load, having some part fly off their car or even throwing an item out their window, that individual or owner of the vehicle is responsible for your loss including injuries or death. If the driver or owner has liability insurance, that coverage may apply to compensate for any losses.
    • Uninsured Motorist Coverage – if you maintain what is known as “Uninsured Motorist Coverage,” you may be covered if the debris injures you and the people left the scene. Unfortunately, all too often debris flies off a vehicle and the driver just keeps going. Many times the driver doesn’t even know it flew or fell off their own car or truck. Uninsured Motorist coverage pays for damages due to the negligence of a person who left the scene and was never identified. Having the proper coverage is only part of the battle. You will need to prove the debris was the cause of your injury, and that the driver or owner can’t be located, or do not have adequate insurance for your loss


  • Attorney as Recourse – In some situations, a personal injury law firm may be necessary to cover your losses due to injury or property damage. Whether it be because the insurance company is fighting you about not paying or the offending driver (if known) may have some personal responsibility for what happened. When a company-owned vehicle is involved, an attorney may be of assistance to hold the business accountable for your losses.


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We are experts on a near Orlando auto accident and know precisely what steps to take for you to move forward. Trust us with your slip and fall case. You want proper compensation for your injuries, and we are here to help you get it. Injury Assistance Law Firm consists of an Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer you can count on. Call or contact our Orlando car accident lawyer today for more information.

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