Our Orlando Law Firm Warns Cyclist Of Road Dangers

17 Jan
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Our Orlando Law Firm Warns Cyclist Of Road Dangers

Did you know Florida has one of the highest accident rates for bicycles out of almost every state? The only state that has more is California and that’s not even taking into consideration that the state is just about three times larger than Florida. With the rates so high, it pays to know a local Orlando law firm that has lawyers who specialize in accident law. The Injury Assistance Law Firm has an office near Orlando and has an excellent bicycle accident attorney who will fight for you if you are ever involved in an auto or cycle related incident. 


Tips to Avoid Injury

  • Have a Light or Reflector
    • As any person who uses their bike as their main form of transportation knows, sometimes you need to bike at night. Whether it be to get home from the store, work or a friend’s house, it’s not always possible or feasible to travel during daylight hours, especially during the winter. Unlike cars which are required to have built in lights, not all bikes come with them. During a stormy, foggy or even just a very dark night, bikers risk a higher chance of being hit by a car. To help prevent this, a light should be added to the front of your bike and a reflector added to the back. This way, cars have a much higher chance of spotting you at night. 
  • Wear Protection
    • Having to tell people to wear a helmet may seem silly, but a helmet is often the deciding factor between life, death and serious injuries during a bicycle accident. In addition, other protective gear can be worn like arm and knee pads. If you don’t have a reflector or light already installed on your bike, a reflective vest is a good alternative until you can obtain either. It also doesn’t hurt to have all three going at once.  
  • Remember Traffic Laws
    • Remember, if you’re driving your bike on the road, most traffic laws still apply to you. You must stop at red lights and stop signs. It’s not only the law, but as a cyclist, you are far less protected and you must take extra caution anytime you encounter an intersection. You should always signal with your hand if you intend to make a turn. Lastly, remember pedestrians still have the right of way. If you hit them, it’s on you just as much as if you hit someone with a car.


An Orlando Law Firm that Specializes in Accident Law

At The Injury Assistance Law Firm, we know a thing or two about accident law. Areas we specialize in include personal injury, trucking accidents, wrongful death claims, motorcycle accidents, property Damage, bicycle accidents, auto accidents and slip and fall. So remember, even if you follow our tips and do everything right, sometimes things are just out of your hands and bicycle accidents will happen. When they do, make sure you call the best Bicycle Accident Attorney in Florida.


Contact The Best Bicycle Accident Attorney in Florida

In need of an Orlando Law Firm? Look no further. The Injury Assistance Law Firm is the best law firm that specializes in accident law in or near Orlando. We even have an office in Winter Haven. Attorney Michael A. Mills and his team of professionals have over twenty years of legal experience between them and they are ready to give you firm but caring legal defense today.

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