Physical VS. Mental Pain and Suffering

04 Dec
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Physical VS. Mental Pain and Suffering

You heard the phrase many times and knows it is often tied to accidents and lawsuits. We are talking about pain and suffering. When it comes to an illness and suffering personal injury, our experts at Injury Assistance Law Firm are here to explain exactly what this term means and also what the difference is between mental and physical. We are the best Orlando personal injury lawyer.


The Basics: What are Pain and Suffering?

There are two types of pain and suffering: physical pain and suffering and mental pain and suffering. It is essential to know the difference between the two in order to properly understand.


Physical pain and suffering is the pain of the plaintiff’s actual physical injuries. It includes not just the pain and discomfort that the claimant has endured to date, but also the detrimental effects that he or she is likely suffer in the future as a result of the defendant’s negligence.


Mental pain and suffering results from the claimant’s physically injured, but it is more a by-product of those bodily injuries. Mental pain and suffering include things like mental anguish, emotional distress, loss of enjoyment of life, fear, anger, humiliation, anxiety, and shock. Mental pain and suffering is any kind of negative emotion that an accident victim suffers as a result of having to endure the physical pain and trauma of the accident. Trust our Orlando personal injury lawyer to get the job done.


Examples of Pain and Suffering Personal Injury

Take a look at this example. Someone got into a car accident that caused multiple broken bones along with a severe concussion. That is a serious accident. As a result of these injuries, the claimant became depressed and angry. He had difficulty sleeping and also experienced a significant loss of appetite. As a result of these problems, he was referred to a psychologist and a therapist. All of these problems are directly related to the accident, and the claimant is entitled to compensation for mental pain and suffering due to the accident.


Mental pain and suffering can sometimes get so bad that it prevents the victim from returning to work even after the physical injuries have healed. In this case, this victim’s depression due to the accident might linger long after his/her broken bones and concussion healed. In such a case, the victim would still be able to claim any damages related to the mental pain and suffering, such as lost income.


Let’s take a look at this example. An individual gets into a car accident and suffers back strain. As a result of the back strain, the claimant is prevented from exercising for several weeks, and, during this time, is prevented from running in a marathon that they had been training months for. As a result of missing the marathon, she is angry, frustrated, unhappy, and maybe even a little depressed. This claimant has no need for mental health assistance, but these effects, while comparatively minor, still qualify as mental pain and suffering.


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