Involved In A Parking Lot Accident? Here’s What To Do

24 Feb
parking lot accident at orlando

Involved In A Parking Lot Accident? Here’s What To Do

Automobile accidents on the road can be terrifying and dangerous, but those aren’t the only kinds of automobile accidents you might encounter. Around 15% of all car accidents in recent years occurred in parking lots. Thankfully, these are typically less lethal than accidents on the road, but they can still lead to personal injury or vehicle damage. Injury Assistance Law Firm is dedicated to helping the good people of Orlando seek the compensation they deserve when handling personal injury cases, such as ones that could stem from a parking lot accident. When these situations happen, it’s important to contact a personal injury attorney Orlando residents can trust, and we’d like to share why.


What to do During an Accident

First of all, we’d like to share some important information on how to handle a parking lot incident when one happens. If you do ever end up in an accident, try and collect your bearings and follow these steps:

  • Call 911
    • As with any accident, calling 911 is one of the first things you should do. Make sure to scope out the scene so you know who is required to help. For example, if you have reason to believe someone else was injured, then pass that information on to the dispatcher.
  • Seek Medical Help
    • If you yourself have been injured, then getting medical attention is very important. Even if your injuries don’t seem severe, like mild bruising, the adrenaline of the situation could be subduing pain from more severe injuries.
  • Collect Evidence
    • If you are unharmed, then try and collect evidence from the scene, such as photographs of the crash and accounts from any witnesses nearby.
  • Collect Information
    • You’ll also want to swap information with the other participants of the crash, such as insurance information and contact details. Remember to stay calm and not get defensive or offensive with the other person. Arguing doesn’t change your current situation, so it’s best to be cordial and work to clear the ordeal together.
  • Contact an Attorney
    • Regardless of the outcome, if you’re entitled to compensation, then you’ll want to contact an attorney to help you receive what you need. The truth about insurance companies is that they’re quick to take advantage of you.


Why You Should Contact an Attorney After a Parking Lot Accident

Regardless of whether you’re dealing with property damage, personal injury, or any other kind of claim, you’ll ultimately be at the mercy of the insurance company. These companies exist to compensate you for damages, yet they’ll do everything in their power to lower the compensation they give to you. For example, when their insurance adjuster comes to investigate the damages, they’ll use their advantage of superior legal knowledge to underestimate the expenses needed for repair. Hiring a personal injury attorney Orlando residents can rely on means hiring someone who will do the opposite–identify exactly how much you will need for the damages, and not a dime less. They’ll be able to fight for your right to adequate compensation and won’t let the insurance companies undercut you without a fight.


Contact Us for a Personal Injury Attorney Orlando Locals can Trust

If you are an Orlando resident who’s recently been in a parking lot accident, then you will likely need the help of a personal injury attorney. Contact us at Injury Assistance Law Firm for the legal assistance you need, or to learn more about the legal services we provide. Remember that you have a right to adequate compensation, and don’t settle for anything less.

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