Defective Airbags Can Lead to Personal Injury Claim

24 Sep
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Defective Airbags Can Lead to Personal Injury Claim

It happens all the time. Individuals will get letters in the mail that something in their car needs to get replaced due to a defect. A lot of the times that defect will be an airbag. Airbag companies will recall their airbags due to manufacturing defects that can result in the airbag exploding and causing severe injuries or even death. In the rare occasion, this was to happen to you; you must file a personal injury claim. At Injury Assistance Law Firm, we are dedicated to making sure you understand how the law is on your side. Our Orlando personal injury lawyer office has extensive experience in personal injury and it is our sole focus.


The History of Airbags

Let take a trip back to 50’s when the first airbag was created. Created in 1951, the first airbag was not patented until 1953 by an American inventor. In 1970, General Motors (GM) launched the first commercially accepted airbags into the market. In the late 80s, airbags in cars grew to many other car companies and gained popularity and then added an additional airbag to the passenger side in the early 90’s. Today, almost every car is equipped with multiple airbags throughout the entire vehicle. These airbags locations include, but are not limited to, side airbags, knee airbags, rear airbags, seat belt airbags, etc.


You May Need A Personal Injury Claim Due to an Airbag

The National Highway Traffic Agency (NHTSA) reported over 200 million cars in the United States are equipped with frontal airbags. That report resulted in 2800 lives saved by airbags in 2016. The airbag, teamed with the seatbelt, created a much safer driving experience. But this does not mean all airbags are safe. If they are improperly designed or installed, it can result in severe personal injury to motorist and passengers.


Another note to keep an eye out for is concern regarding counterfeit airbags. The NHTSA expressed doubts that these airbags are being installed by car mechanics or replaced by dealerships following an accident which causes the airbag to activate.


On numerous occasions, insurance providers may be held liable for personal injury claims from faulty airbags because they sometimes recommend a car repair shop for their replacement after an accident causes the airbag to activate.


Motorists are encouraged to avoid purchasing airbags online from popular commercial sites. This isn’t always the wisest choice in regards to your safety. There are some recommendations available by the NHTSA when it comes to airbag safety. Some of these include vehicles to be authorized to install an ON/OFF switch for specific reasons such as vehicles including, children, car seats, and passengers with medical conditions, stature, or reduced mobility. Our Orlando personal injury lawyer is well equipped with all the information you need to know if you are every injured.


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Airbags are supposed to save your life, but sometimes they can take your life instead. It is a scary idea, but it is something you need to be prepared for. If you are ever victim to an injury from an airbag you many need to file a personal injury claim. When it comes to proving your case, you can get lost in what the next necessary steps are to move forward. Luckily, we are the best car accident lawyer. Here at Injury Assistance Law Firm, we are dedicated to ensuring you get all the information you need to take action. Our office is equipped with an auto accident attorney.  Trust our Orlando personal injury lawyer office to help you obtain the most favorable results possible. Our experts are driven to fight for you and get you protected. Visit or call us today for more information.

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