Understanding Personal Injury Law: Getting Up After a Slip & Fall Injury

20 Jan
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Understanding Personal Injury Law: Getting Up After a Slip & Fall Injury

Recently suffered a slip and fall injury? You’re not alone. Over a million people go to the hospital every year due to suffering a bad slip and fall. Even slip and falls where you walk away without any visible injuries or pain can end up having disastrous effects over time. Don’t risk chronic pain that you’re stuck treating on your own, call a personal injury attorney Orlando trusts. Injury Assistance Law Firm’s main focus is personal injury and we will do everything in our power to get you compensation for your injuries that you deserve. We’ve been practicing personal injury law near Orlando for over twenty years of combined service. You will work directly with our lawyers and won’t find better communication anywhere else.  


Slip and Fall, Know Your Rights

Slipping because of wet floors, blocked aisles, construction or any other hazard that is man made or preventable may mean you’re eligible for compensation. You might not feel as though you want to go through the stress of fighting someone in court over a simple fall or you might even go as far as to blame yourself, but if the fault is not yours, you should not suffer for it. The last thing you will want is mounting medical bills you can not afford to pay. Additionally, your slip and fall injury may cause you to lose out on paid work or make it so you are no longer able to do activities you enjoy in your free time. Don’t settle for a lifetime of pain and suffering, call a personal injury lawyer Orlando residents know and trust.  


Personal Injury Law Tips and Advice

  • Be Careful What You Say 
    • Anything you say or do can be used as evidence against you. People who you tell that your injury wasn’t that bad can potentially be used as witnesses to discredit your injury. The same can be said if you go out and party when you’re supposed to be injured and then post about it on social media.
  • Gather Evidence
    • In order to get compensated for your injury, you’re going to need evidence that the owner or proprietor of where you were injured was at fault. Important evidence you will need include incident reports, witness statements and photos or videos of the hazardous conditions that led to your slip and fall.
  • Go to the Doctors
    • Even if you don’t feel any pain right after your slip and fall it is essential you still go visit a doctor. Sometimes it can take time for an injury to start hurting and the longer you wait the more you risk making it worse. Going soon after the incident will also strengthen your case as waiting too long could make it seem like the injury was caused by something other than your slip and fall. 


Contact a Personal Injury Attorney Orlando Residents Stand By

Attorney Michael A. Mills and his team are here to provide you the legal defense you deserve when it comes to any slips and falls. Being experts in personal injury law they will fight tooth and nail to get you the compensation you need to continue living a comfortable life. Injury Assistance Law Firm, in addition to slip and falls, can also help you with wrongful death, auto accidents, and property damage. Don’t waste any more time and contact a personal injury attorney Orlando or Winter Haven today.


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