Florida Local Files Personal Injury Suit Against Disney

24 Jun
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Florida Local Files Personal Injury Suit Against Disney

Did you know that injuries even happen where dreams come true? We are talking about Walt Disney World. There are several times where the land of magic has been sued for injuries. At Injury Assistance Law Firm we have the latest scoop on exactly what went down. This goes to show that you can get injured anywhere. That is why it is helpful to have a personal injury attorney Orlando firm at your side.


What Went Down?

Disney is no stranger to lawsuits. It seems that once again, the theme park is being sued for not being able to control every aspect of nature. 


According to a new lawsuit, in May 2017 Lisa Dixon, a resident of Celebration, Florida, suffered a brain injury and herniated discs when a bird at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort slammed into her head. 


The Orlando Sentinel reports that she and her lawyer are seeking $15,000 for unspecified damages, claiming that Disney was fully aware of the threat to their guests of seasonal nesting birds. 


Her lawyer, Thomas Schmitt, claims that Dixon will need surgery as a result of her brain injuries and that the predicament has had a negative impact on her personal life and career. 


Dixon’s case is just one of many animal-related lawsuits that Disney and its lawyers have had to face in recent years. In an equally eyebrow-raising incident, a family from Alabama sued Disney in 2016 for their grandmother’s death. They claim that she died of a heart attack after seeing a snake fall out of a tree and bite her great-grandson at Animal Kingdom. 


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