Product Liability: Who Is At Fault?

19 Sep
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Product Liability: Who Is At Fault?

Whenever you buy something from a store, you are trusting that company to deliver exactly what you paid for. There is an unspoken trust between you and the product company. That is why you are giving them your hard-earned money in exchange for the products. Even though the concept may seem simple, unfortunately, it is more complicated than it looks. Product liability should be taken seriously. Here at Injury Assistance Law Firm, we are here to help you understand how this works. Our personal injury attorney Orlando office is here at your beck and call.


Who is at Fault?

The higher the company continues to increase their profit margin, there are more questionable business practices that come into play. These practices can lead to unsafe products on the market which put you the consumer at risk.


There are lots of times when products have recalls. This can be anything from food to cars. You’ll usually get a letter in the mail or see it news broadcast discussing the last product recall. While many are lucky enough not to have encountered the product during the recall, others are not so fortunate. For those individuals, some may suffer injury due to an unsafe product. In their case, they may want to file a liability claim.


What is a Product Liability?

This type of claim helps individuals receive compensation for their injuries due to a company’s failure to provide you with a safe product. This claim also brings awareness to the company’s unsafe practices and creates a change so that other people will avoid injury in the future.


Dealing with these cases can get confusing. They are not like other personal injury cases. If you think of a situation such as a car accident, a suit will get filed against a single negligent party, however, for this type of case, the liability can come from a variety of sources. Our personal injury attorney Orlando office is dedicated to getting you the help you deserve.


Liability Can Be Traced To:

  • Manufacturer (parts or assembly)
  • Packaging Company
  • Designer of the product
  • Retailer or wholesaler


Since there are multiple parties that are involved who can be liable, it is almost imperative to have a professional represent you, so you have the better chance of getting the exact compensation you are aiming for. Once the liability party is established, the next important part of the case is proving that the product is what caused the injury.


Elements That Prove Your Case:

  • You suffered injury or other damages (money)
  • The defect or lack of warning is what caused your injury
  • The product was defective or failed to warn or instruct for proper use properly
  • You were using the product in the manner intended


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