Do You Have a Slip and Fall Case? Here’s Some Scenarios that Make for a Strong Case

01 Mar
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Do You Have a Slip and Fall Case? Here’s Some Scenarios that Make for a Strong Case

Let’s say you were walking in your local grocery store minding your own business and all the sudden you slip over some water that was on the floor and fall flat on your face. You are now injured and in a lot of pain. What do you do from here? Luckily, you have reached the experts who specialize in this topic. We are Injury Assistance Law Firm and we will ensure that your slip and fall case gets the representation it deserves. Our Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer wants to touch on many scenarios that may be familiar to your situation.


Take a Look at These Scenarios

If you fell or slipped in a business, why you may think it is just embarrassing, it is way more serious then that. Injuries may occur, and they can have lasting effects. You may also have a  legitimate case in your hands against the business. Take a look at these scenarios:

  • You fell on a wet floor
    • It seems like there is more water in the state of Florida than the rest of the United States. This is often due to the heavy rain.  Businesses may have mopped a floor, or there’s a water leak. Puddles and slick conditions exist on the floor. It’s the business’s responsibility to position caution signs in the area and warn customers around the hazard.


  • You fell because there were no handrails
    • Handrails should be available and maintained adequately at any business. If they are missing then this is a serious problem on their part. You have a strong case when there is a fall. Handrails should be present along stairwells, handicapped access areas, and walkways.


  • You fell due to a damaged floor
    • Many businesses want to be unique and offer a wide variety of different flooring options available to them. Carpeting, hardwood floors, and rugs are commonplace. However, each company must maintain these areas so that they are safe for customers. Carpets and rugs with turned-up corners might trip anyone walking across them. Floors that are uneven, such as cracked concrete, also pose a threat. If you trip on uneven flooring, the medical issues can be significant. Broken bones and sprained joints are just the beginning of the problems.


  • You fell because of a poorly designed layout
    • Before you rush through any store, take a look at its layout. Narrow aisles, items extending into the walkway and products leaning out from high shelves are potential hazards. Poorly designed showrooms are a haven for accidents. Bumping into items or dealing with a fallen product can result in an injury. A reputable Orlando personal injury lawyer in Miami can make the argument that the business was negligent when it set up the showroom space.


Get Representation For Your Slip and Fall Case

A business that welcomes the public onto the premises have a  legal obligation to keep them reasonably safe. Even big companies like Target or Walmart have to follow these laws. Companies like department stores, groceries stores, retail stores, and local independent retailers all have the same laws they are obligated to follow in order to keep their customers out of harm’s way. If a customer is injured in a slip and fall accident on the premises, there is a big chance they have a valid legal claim against the business. This does not mean it is an easy case, though. That is where an Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer comes in.


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We are experts on business liability and know precisely what steps to take for you to move forward. Trust us with your slip and fall case. You want proper compensation for your injuries, and we are here to help you get it. Injury Assistance Law Firm consists of an Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer you can count on. Call or contact us today for more information.

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