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The Don’ts of Filing for Compensation Claim  

Things You Shouldn’t Do

When involved in an accident that wasn’t through any fault of your own, you are entitled to compensation. The negligent party should cover any medical bills, lost wages, as well as trauma caused. However, insurance companies will do anything to pay the least amount or even not pay at all. This is why you should be cautious and avoid certain things that could make you ineligible to receive the compensation. Find more information here.


Don’t Discuss the Case with Outside Parties

Try as much as possible to limit the people you share the details of the claim to a minimum. In fact, the only people you can trust are your doctor, spouse, and attorney because they are bound to secrecy. This will help you hold all the cards. See here for information about Techniques to Help You Get the Best Injury Lawyer.


Don’t Sign Anything Without Your Lawyer

Insurance companies and opposing lawyers can try to get you to sign release forms that clear their clients of any wrongdoing. This could immediately kill your claim and leave you high and dry.


Don’t Accept Any Payment

By accepting payment from the other parties, you immediately wave your right to file for compensation. You can only take any form of payment when you are sure you don’t want to pursue the matter further.

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