A Truck Accident Lawyer Tackles Truck Driver Fatigue

25 Mar

A Truck Accident Lawyer Tackles Truck Driver Fatigue

There are many causes of truck accidents. These causes include vehicle malfunction, driver error, and also driver fatigue. Truck driver fatigue is a dangerous and prevalent occurrence, and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration established regulations in order to check truck driver fatigue and protect public safety. Any driver who has ever driven right next to a semi truck or other large commercial vehicle is aware of how vulnerable a person in a regular car or truck is. Tractor trailers are incredibly heavy and large, putting all other types of vehicles on the road at a major disadvantage in the event of an accident. Read on to learn more about the prevalence of truck accidents and how trucker fatigue plays a role. In the case of a truck accident, you will need an auto accident attorney. Injury Assistance Law Firm is a top truck accident lawyer near Orlando. Call us today for a free consultation.


Truck Crashes Are Dangerous and Prevalent


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has presented data illustrating that the state of Florida has had trouble trying to keep the number of deaths from truck crashes down. According to their reports, 213 people in both 2011 and 2012 passed away each year statewide due to truck accidents. While the following year the number declined to 197, and again declined to 190 in 2014, the trend unfortunately flipped the year after in 2015 when 225 people were killed in crashes that involved large trucks. One of the unfortunate causes of so many fatalities is trucker fatigue. Long-distance truckers are often required to go on very long cross-country drives, which can cause fatigue as they are often driving on long, monotonous stretches of highway. Moreover, it takes extra skill, attention, and energy to operate large trucks and vehicles due to their cumbersome size and weight, and trucker fatigue can cause the operator to not pay attention and distract from optimal performance, making it highly dangerous.


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So what is being done to protect public safety? Top auto accident attorney Injury Assistance Law Firm notes that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has put into place a new Hours of Service rule specifically designed to reduce fatigue among drivers and improve safety for everyone on the road. There is a limit for drivers of 60 working hours in a seven-day workweek, and 70 hours for an eight-day workweek. A break that lasts a minimum of 34 hours is required in between every work week. Breaks lasting at least 30 minutes are required every eight hours while on the job, and no driver is allowed to work more than 14 hours in a day, with only 11 of those allowed behind the wheel. Moreover, self-driving technology holds great promise and could eventually cut out human error when it comes to operating large vehicles, improving the safety of other drivers and passerby greatly.


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Accidents happen, and if you are involved in a truck accident you will want to have an auto accident attorney you can trust. Injury Assistance Law Firm is a top truck accident lawyer near Orlando. Call us today for a consultation!

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